Nucleus Sentence Examples | Use Nucleus in a sentence

1.chinese culture is the parent and Nucleus of taiwan culture.

2.this is the lithium Nucleus plus electron.

3.results egr1 mrna and egr1 protein positive signals were brown in colour and located in the cytoplasm and Nucleus.

4.the other male gamete fuses with the secondary Nucleus, forming the primary endosperm Nucleus.

5.the deuteron can fuse with another proton to make a helium 3 Nucleus.

6.objective to study the effect of hypertonic stimulation on the expression of phosphotyrosine in supraoptic Nucleus of rat.

7.the repulsive force within the Nucleus is enormous.

8.this Nucleus has captured the slow-moving neutrons; the star captured a comet.

9.the two sperm nuclei and the tube Nucleus are all derived from a single microspore Nucleus by mitosis. a comet gets closer to the sun, the ice on the surface of the Nucleus begins turning into gas, forming a cloud known as the coma. this process the Nucleus breaks up into two intermediate-sized nuclei.

12.a neutron is simply a neutral particle in the Nucleus of an atom.

13.objective to know the ultrastructure and function of synapse in mammal's medulla oblongata megacell reticular Nucleus.

14.a Nucleus can have only one y-chromosome.

15.the Nucleus of light cells were larger than that of dark cells.

16.just as the sun is the central body of the solar system, so the Nucleus is the core of the atom.

17.the Nucleus and cytoplasm of the trophozoite was amaranth and blue respectively.

18.many people believe that the family is the Nucleus of the community.

19.a pair of Nucleus gene and cytoplasm gene take common effects on a2 – cms.

20.a rudimentary description of a Nucleus consists in specifying the number of protons and neutrons it contains.

21.mucus type: the cells of this type produce a lot of mucus which presses the Nucleus into a ring shape.

22.the sum of the number of neutrons and protons in an atomic Nucleus.

23.the entire process of cell division including division of the Nucleus and the cytoplasm.

24.we have an orbiting electron but a stationary Nucleus.

25.we have a helium Nucleus and one electron.

26.objective to observe the expression of mmp-1and timp-1 in Nucleus pulposus cells of intervertebral disc degeneration.

27.the study of denominal verbs are on two levels: the lexical level and the Nucleus level. constitutes the essential Nucleus of the self and the access to it in our patients is often attained only with the greatest difficulty.

29.but sperm don't have elaborate cells, just a tightly packed Nucleus and a tail for swimming to the egg.

30.that group eventually provided the Nucleus of al-qaeda, which bin laden founded in 1988 as the war against the soviets began to wind down.

31.the verve operating system consists of a Nucleus, a kernel and one or more applications.

32.gene treatment patients with parkinson's have reduced levels of a chemical - gaba - in part of the brain known as the subthalamic Nucleus.

33.that reminds me of atom: the movement of electron is irregular, however, it is always around the Nucleus and within the atom.

34.there is a unity of the two opposites, the Nucleus and the electrons.

35.and, it involves a single electron orbiting a positively charged Nucleus. this condition, they are sometimes referred to collectively as the chromatin of the Nucleus.

37.the results show that the vaterite is usually distributed around the Nucleus and few on the surface of the pearl samples. nuclear fusion, a pair of light nuclei unite (or fuse) together, form a Nucleus of a heavier atom.

39.the electron's high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the carbon atom's Nucleus.

40.neutrons and protons are bound together in the Nucleus of an atom.