nucleotide Sentence Examples | Use nucleotide in a sentence

1.the fixation of co2 carried out by these autotrophs, in addition to atp, requires reduced pyridine nucleotide.

2.this cellular reduction reaction involves the pyridine nucleotide cofactors nadh/ nadph and is only catalyzed by living cells.

3.association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promoter of mmp-2 and timp-2 genes with lung cancer

4.this database contains all publicly available nucleotide and derived protein sequences.

5.a new single nucleotide polymorphism in dynamin-2 gene

6.influence of the quality of template dna on the single nucleotide polymorphism ( snp) analysis

7.dinucleotide: a nucleotide molecule that consists of a combination of two nucleotide units.

8.studies on intron length polymorphism and est single nucleotide polymorphism in brassica often leads to fundamental biological insight into sequence-structure-function relationships of nucleotide or protein sequence families.

10.single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of myostatin gene in cattle

11.objective to analyze the hev genetic structure and nucleotide homology isolated from sporadic acute hepatitis e in changchun.

12.the newly completed catalogue contains more than one million of a particular type of gene variant, known as a'single nucleotide polymorphism ', or snp.

13.the holoenzyme recognizes specific nucleotide sequences on the dna duplex ( promoters).

14.the breakthrough permits direct detection of each nucleotide, allowing an entire gene to be sequenced in about an hour.

15.nucleotide and protein sequences are the foundation for all bioinformatics tools and resources.

16.nucleotide: any of a class of organic compounds, including the structural units of nucleic acids.

17.the substitution bias of nucleotide acids and amino acids indicates the non-random drift products.

18.single nucleotide polymorphisms ( snps) is another new genetic marker studied after human genome project.

19.a nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism; reversibly convertible to adp and atp. such base and its attached sugar radical is called a "nucleotide. "

21.the ribose of one nucleotide joins with the phosphate of the next to form the rna backbone.

22.several of the agents that inhibit genome replication are nucleoside or nucleotide analogues , which resemble the building blocks of genes. on single nucleotide polymorphisms and gene expression related to sports

24.these samples were analyzed for1 million genetic mutations or single nucleotide polymorphisms().

25.the nucleotide contents in erythrocytes of8 diabetics were determined by hplc.

26.nucleotide and protein sequence databases are major resources for biological and medical research. non-coding region it shows mutation of single nucleotide deletion or substitution.

28.single nucleotide polymorphisms are individual variations in the dna that are spaced across the human chromosomes.

29.a nucleotide consists of an organic base (base), a five-carbon sugar (pentose), and a phosphate group.

30.the program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance of matches.

31.there was significant negative relationship between the nucleotide diversity and temperature.

32.blast provides a method for rapid searching of nucleotide and protein databases.

33.high altitude pulmonary edema; mitochondrial dna; single nucleotide polymorphism; genotype;

34.the most common version of this, (shown be-low) uses a one-letter code for each nucleotide and a three-letter code for each amino acid.

35.paf-ah gene single nucleotide polymorphisms could affect its enzyme activity, with a variety of inflammatory disease and its prognosis.

36.single nucleotide polymorphism ( snp) site is the main content of genetic polymorphism study, which includes detection of gene type and research on function and activity. also carries a specific nucleotide sequence, the anticodon.

38.the complete nucleotide sequence of an isolate of lmv from yuhang was determined.