nucleon Sentence Examples | Use nucleon in a sentence

1.the greatest amount of nuclear binding energy per nucleon occurs for nuclei in the vicinity of iron.

2.complementary and equally important insight into the structure of the nucleon. using the leakage and overlap of the partons inside nucleon model, the deuteron structure functions are calculated.

4.the nucleon microscopic optical potential is calculated by applying nuclear matter approximation and effective skyrme interaction.

5.the nucleon number of the pervading layer of the atomic nucleus and the cause of progressive decreasing of the heavy elemental lifetime chiral a model,~ and nucleon have their mass through the chiral ward-takahashi method, which in agreement with the self-consistent method;

7.the discussion of the coupling constant and calculation of the nucleon resonance state strong decay width when the single loop vertex correction is taken into consideration in the lm

8.the nuclear magneton, calculated using the mass of the nucleon. nucleon: nuclear powered ford!

10.using this potential, the electromagnetic form factors of nucleon are predicted and are compared with experimental data.

11.the application of nucleon balance in the uniform milling control system

12.nucleon structure and nuclear force

13.we make a summary of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors, and give a detailed introduction of the vector meson dominance model.

14.the isospin dependence of preequilibrium nucleon emission for the neutron deficient colliding system and neutron rich system has been studied in the wide beam energy region.

15.the important topics in the contemporary studies of the nucleon structure is discussed.

16.the anomalous nucleon moments are due to hadronic effects.

17.semi-classical discussion for magnetic moment and mass of nucleon

18.this project is mainly about a nucleon-pair shell model and its application.

19.screen business card printing and membership card making use of a brush, or you take advantage of the nucleon and electric works. means of the thermo field dynamics, the change of nucleon effective mass in nuclear matter with density is discussed.

21.the pervading layer of the atomic nucleus, the action among the nucleon and the mechanical roots of decrease progressively of the heavy elemental lifetime

22.nucleon structure and hyperon polarization in deep inelastic lepton-hadron scattering

23.qcd study of nucleon's ( hadron's) structure and property

24.experimental progress on strange form factors of nucleon

25.nucleon structure and spin asymmetry in high energy pp process

26.the lack of {+ 7} li, meanwhile, has been blamed on over-hungry nuclear reactions in stellar cores. the pervading layer of the atomic nucleus, the action among the nucleon and the mechanical roots of decrease progressively of the heavy elemental lifetime

27.nucleon is composed of protons and neutrons, and constitutes practically all the mass of the atom.

28.a consistent nonperturbative approach to study nucleon property and hadronic physics is also discussed.

29.the traditional theory is mainly focused on the contribution of parton helicity to the spin of nucleon.

30.the achievements and the remaining problems of the nucleon structure and nuclear force are reviewed.

31.this project is intended to study the symmetry energy and nucleon-nucleon cross sections in asymmetric nuclear matter.

32.the discovery of strange particles lead to a generalization of the law of nucleon conservation.

33.the anomalous nucleon moments are due to hadronic effects .

34.using the subtracted dispersion relations we have treated the problem of the s-wave pion nucleon scattering.

35.application of nucleon weighting technology to unloading measuring and control system of mine main shaft

36.the study of skyrme model and compute of the nucleon static state physics quantity

37.some features of the nucleon structure emerges from these relations. structural determination of yeast mannan and its nmr spectral analysis

38.lonizing air molecules are divided into plugged, without power and nucleon and three methods.

39.positive signal was mainly located in nucleon of the liver and extrahepatic parenchymal cells.

40.measuring of in-situ density and moisture content of earth and rock materials using the nucleon method is a new non-destructive and quick quality control technology that has rapidly been developed.