Nucleolus Sentence Examples | Use Nucleolus in a sentence

1.the Nucleolus and nucleolar proteins control group, the nucleoli of sgc were not distorted, Nucleolus lay in the center, and the structure of mitochondria was normal.

3.cell Nucleolus bursted in membrane, Nucleolus swelled or disappeared and agglutinated with chromatin together.

4.Nucleolus are clear, grains and vacuoles can be observed in the cytoplasm with he staining;

5.results in blank group, the hippocampal structure was clearly viewed, dense neurons with plenty cytoplasm and deep-dyed big Nucleolus were observed.

6.objective to investigate the technique of phacoemulsification with hard Nucleolus cataract.

7.higher concentration of cd 2+ aggravated the damage, making chloroplast membranes disappear and chloroplasts disintegrate, mitochondrion mesenchyme dissolve and mitochondria be on the verge of disorganization, and Nucleolus chromatin agglutinate and merge into cytoplasm.

8.Nucleolus chromatin structure of cardiomyocytes was close to normal;

9.the methodological study of allocating the fixed cost based on the Nucleolus in data envelopment analysis and cooperative game

10.the cooperate game model of fixed transmission cost is proposed with solution by Nucleolus in disconnected local areas.

11.Nucleolus disappeared, but some plants in the early diakinesis Nucleolus remains high.

12.argyrophil method for Nucleolus organizer region ( ag-nor) showed the ag-nor numbers in nucleus also significantly decreased.

13.cytoplast and Nucleolus were blue with a little purplish red color. on changing male sterility gene of chinese cabbage Nucleolus into cabbage breeding

15.the Nucleolus is a dynamic region of the nucleus that is disassembled and reformed each cell cycle and whose size is correlated with cell growth rate.

16.Nucleolus is rrna transcription site and correlated with proteins synthesis.

17.type ab and b1 thymoma have nuclei with evenly distributed euchromatin and small Nucleolus.

18.apoptotic cells which Nucleolus shrinked and rounded could be coloured orange by fluorescent colouration.

19.furthermore, it also includes the membrane of cells, and even the membrane of the Nucleolus of the cells.

20.the nucleus possesses a center Nucleolus with fibrillar centers, dense fibrillar component and granular component.

21.these studies in the Nucleolus have provided the first global characterization of the flux of proteins through a cellular organelle. proembryo stage, the feulgen reaction is positive. the Nucleolus is feulgen negative all the time.

23.sscc tumor cells showed large cytoplasm, Nucleolus more obvious, in order to find a squamous cell carcinoma of the overall hierarchical structure and the cell keratinizing;

24.the Nucleolus is an important solution which always exists and consists of a unique allocation. the early zygote stage, a large number of ribosomal precursors were produced by the Nucleolus, and many polysomes appeared in the cytoplasm, which suggests a high level of metabolism.

26.zygote at the dormancy stage had a small Nucleolus and marked decrease in ribosomes, as shown by a few polysomes, which suggests decreased metabolism.

27.they did, in a part of the cell called the Nucleolus . this is the place where the components of protein factories are made.

28.other symptoms observed included: the karyotheca dissolved, the Nucleolus and the endoplasmic reticulum disappeared.

29.the nucleus round or ellipse lay in the center of cells and the heterochromatin and the Nucleolus were not obvious.

30.the changes of the Nucleolus during cell cycle in triticum aestivum were studied by bernhard staining method.

31.the Nucleolus is the most obvious structure seen in the nucleus of a eucaryotic cell when viewed in the light microscope. pachytene nuclei by sliver-stained, two fluffy globular Nucleolus could be seen.

33.chromosomes 6 and 7 were both Nucleolus organizing chromosomes.

34.zygotes in the prophase of mitosis and two-celled proembryo became active again in metabolism, for a prominent Nucleolus, high density of ribosomes and increased number of polysomes in the cytoplasm. cancer tissue, dna in nucleus increase, nucleus big up and the number of Nucleolus increase;

36.a few of granular cells have typical Nucleolus.

37.Nucleolus solution with economic stimulation for fixed transmission cost allocation

38.there is distinct Nucleolus in the naked nucleus and some dispersed organelles such as lysosome around the nucleus.