Nucleolar Sentence Examples | Use Nucleolar in a sentence

1.dynamic changes of Nucleolar ultrastructure and the sites of rrna transcription and processing during the cell cycle in allium sativum

2.objective to investigate the effect and significance of silver staining for Nucleolar organizer region ( agnor) in eyes.

3.the study on Nucleolar chromosomes of rice

4.argyrophil Nucleolar organizer regions as biomarker of effect for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon exposure

5.Nucleolar organizer regions in odontogenic cysts and tumours: a quantitative study

6.studies on the silver-stained Nucleolar organizer region associated protein in cultured cells from schistosoma japonicum

7.the relationship between Nucleolar organizer region associated proteins and non- hodgkin lymphoma leukemia

8.studies on Nucleolar organizer regions, nuclear dna fcm analysis and correlations between them in gastric carcinoma

9.Nucleolar channel system appears in some specimens of 9th and 10th gestational month.

10.clinical significance of detecting argyrophilic Nucleolar organizer regions of peripheral blood t-cells in patients with malignant tumor

11.indirect immunodotting detection further verified that tropomyosin existed in Nucleolar matrix.

12.the study on the argyrophilic protein in Nucleolar organizers in patients with malignant tumours; bay area asians for nuclear disarmament

13.expression and significance of argyrophilic Nucleolar organizer region associated proteins in gastric carcinoma and precancerous lesions

14.these findings suggest a conserved mechanism of cellular aging that may be related to Nucleolar structure.

15.objective: the purpose was to study the relationship between estrogen receptor ( er), progesterone receptor ( pr), expression and the content, pattern changes of argyrophilic Nucleolar organizer regions ( agnor) in 40 cases of gallbladder carcinoma.

16.effects of taxol on centromere antigens and Nucleolar protein b23 in cultured mammalian cells

17.the expression and significance of Nucleolar organizer regions in soft tissue neoplasm

18.argyrophilic Nucleolar organizer regions stain.

19.ultrastructure of Nucleolar dna is most important to elucidate transcription site of rrna.

20.relationship between the Nucleolar organizer regions and lymphatic

21.objective to study the correlation of Nucleolar argentophil protein ( agnors) between lymphocyte chromosomes and lung cancer cells.

22.Nucleolar organizer region associated proteins in non-hodgkin's lymphomas

23.effect of hto on Nucleolar fibrous core is studied by using new silverstaining and electro-microscopic examination.

24.the nucleolus and Nucleolar proteins on Nucleolar organiser regions associated proteins in malignant lymphomas and normal lymph nodes allium cepa, by using conventional electron microscopy and electron microscopy autoradiography, we investigated the morphological change of the Nucleolar structure and the problem of rdna replication in the cell cycle. of silver staining Nucleolar organizing regions in the patients with fluorosis

28.electron microscopic observation of Nucleolar channels in root-tip meristematic cell nuclei of common wheat

29.the relationship between argyrophilic protein of the Nucleolar organizer region and renal tumours

30.Nucleolar organizer regions in mucoepidermoid carcinoma of salivary glands

31.cases were the type of Nucleolar ( most in ssc). on Nucleolar organizer region-associated proteins in the serous membrane fluid

33.for r treatment alone similar trends were observed, with a partial resumption of Nucleolar activity at the highest dose. of expression activity of peripheral blood t-lymphocyte argyrophilic-Nucleolar organizer regions in renal transplantation receptor

35.the significance of testing Nucleolar organizer regions associated proteins of t lymphocytes of leukemia all the Nucleolar cycle, Nucleolar fcs and dfcs structure changed.

37.effects of mifepristone on formation of Nucleolar channel system in human endometrium