Nuclei Sentence Examples | Use Nuclei in a sentence certain fusion processes, among Nuclei of the hydrogen isotopes, neutrons of high energy are liberated. nmr six miles deep bob kleinberg explains how the Nuclei of some atoms can be made to line up with a magnetic field.

3.reaction, the Nuclei of the fissile material after absorbing a neutron fission and release two or three neutrons.

4.but the phenix and star detectors witness only one half of such a pair in collisions between gold Nuclei.

5.not all of the atomic Nuclei of an element are identical.

6.a catalytic electrode in the cell strips hydrogen Nuclei ( protons) from the methanol molecules.

7.habenula has been regarded as the major link between forebrain structures and midbrain raphe Nuclei.

8.the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic Nuclei.

9.we used the cranking shell model to investigate the high-spin motions and structures of atomic Nuclei.

10.the rapid motion of the electros causes the sluggish Nuclei to "see" the electron as a charge cloud, rather than as a discrete particle. just that tiny region, wise found about 130 glowing black holes, or active galactic Nuclei.

12.the design of large area neutron array detector at ribll for the study of neutron-rich Nuclei is presented.

13.the polar and egg Nuclei of the female gametophyte are genetically identical.

14.the Nuclei removed by these techniques are not surrounded by a narrow rim of cytoplasm and a plasma membrane.

15.Nuclei of neoplastic cells in clear cell meningiomas are centrally located, not eccentric like in this case.

16.the tumor cells hae abundant eosinophilic granular cytoplasm and small compact round Nuclei. nuclear fusion, a pair of light Nuclei unite (or fuse) together, form a nucleus of a heavier atom.

18.the interface between the surface and the underlying vascular stroma consists of cells with variable amounts of Nuclei and cytoplasm.

19.bcs theory is used to calculate the moments of inertia ( mol) of odd-a and even-even rare-earth Nuclei.

20.enucleated cells are prepared by removing cell Nuclei in the presence of the drug, cytochalasin b.

21.the two sperm Nuclei and the tube nucleus are all derived from a single microspore nucleus by mitosis.

22.what are quasars and active galactic Nuclei?

23.and we know that it's electron density between the Nuclei that holds two atoms together in a bond.

24.a process that alters the energy or structure or composition of atomic Nuclei.

25.nbac plans to call for a continued ban on federal government funding for any attempt to clone body cell Nuclei to create a child.

26.the research is concentrated on the collisions of neutrons and uranium Nuclei.

27.but only a few of those supermassive black holes glow fiercely enough for scientists to call them "active galactic Nuclei. "

28.stimulation of the subthalamic Nuclei in patients with parkinson's causes immediate and significant improvements in tremor.

29.some of these gamma rays pass near atomic Nuclei, in the process transforming into an electron and a positron, researchers said.

30.nuclear fusion works by the combining of atomic Nuclei, which releases huge amounts of energy.

31.normally atomic Nuclei exist in an equilibrium or stable condition known as their ground state of energy. free electrons, something has to make them whirl fast enough to break away from their Nuclei.

33.there are numerous amoeboid Nuclei suspended in the organelle-rich cytoplasm.

34.other vertebrates such as fish, reptiles and birds have red cells that contain Nuclei that are inactive.

35.a nuclear reaction in which a massive nucleus splits into smaller Nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy.

36.the sun and stars are daily proof of the great energy released when light atomic Nuclei join together.

37.the Nuclei are pale with prominent nucleoli. the cytoplasm is usually in abundance. you may find many dying cells and mitotic figures.

38.a neutron has no appreciable electromagnetic interaction with Nuclei or with electrons.

39.cell division in which the nucleus divides into Nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes. this process the nucleus breaks up into two intermediate-sized Nuclei.