Nucleated Sentence Examples | Use Nucleated in a sentence

1.she shook up the world of microbiology in 1965 with her outrageous thesis of the symbiotic origin of Nucleated cells.

2.counting of fetal Nucleated erythrocytes in maternal blood and its relation with abnormal fetus and placenta

3.results: fetal Nucleated red blood cells were obtained from all samples.

4.caze equation was used to study non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of pure ipp and ipp Nucleated with nbda-30.

5.objective: to study the effectiveness of isolating fetal Nucleated red blood cells ( nrbcs) using a micromanipulator.

6.method to determine the peripheral hemogram, Nucleated leukocyte count of bone marrow and apudoma of s 80 mouse sarcomas.

7.culture of the fetal Nucleated red blood cells from peripheral blood of pregnant women was used for noninvasive sex-linked disease in prenatal diagnosis

8.this article focuses on the new technology for producing Nucleated pearls using hyriopsis cumingii leas.

9.non-isothermal crystallization and melting behavior of β-Nucleated pp/ pa6 alloys

10.identification of the origin of single Nucleated red blood cells and free dna in peripheral blood of pregnant women

11.isolation of fetal Nucleated erythrocytes in hcmv infected maternal peripheral blood and detection of hcmv-dna

12.hydroxyapatite (ha) preferential Nucleated and grown up in some defective location such as crack and pore. on a model of white blood cell and marrow Nucleated cell decreasing in rats

14.low-temperature simulation test technology of Nucleated glass lens used for the optical remote sensor in space environment

15.the technology of producing Nucleated glass from blast furnace slag has been taken into widespread consideration in the nation and abroad.

16.for seeding a cold spot has been provided on one of the cooling pipes allowing Nucleated freezing to be initiated.

17.fetus Nucleated red cell;

18.the number of Nucleated cells in a bone marrow slice image is an important index of the degree of hyperplasia.

19.peripheral blood smears revealedtear-drop shaped erythrocytes in11 cases, Nucleated erythrocytes in36 and younggranulocytes in37.

20.objective to isolate fetal Nucleated cells from maternal blood and determine its fetal origin.

21.void collapse via plastic flow Nucleated from voids, and the exact processes are shock strength dependent.

22.each biological egg cell, like most Nucleated cells, carries several libraries of dna information outside of the chromosomes.

23.match test with size of mantle piece and pearl nucleus on round Nucleated pearl cultivated in visceral mass of hyriopsis cumingii was first reported.

24.the present invention relates to as-spun fibers and filaments comprising a Nucleated metallocene polypropylene.

25.birds have Nucleated, oval erythrocytes.

26.for a historical example, margulis suggests her own studies on the symbiotic nature of Nucleated cells. was found that the initial fatigue crack Nucleated at the cross edge of the hole and surfaces of the specimen by sliding.

28.culture of round Nucleated pearl in visceral mass of freshwater pearl mussel hyriopsis cumingii

29.the number of Nucleated cells is a significant factor in transplantation success and is a major predictor of recovery speed after transplant.

30.the non isothermal crystallization behavior and melting characteristics of polypropylene ( pp) Nucleated by different nucleating agents were studied by dsc.

31.effects of alkalinity and heat treatment duration on microstructure of Nucleated glass-ceramics from oil shale fly ash

32.according to the characteristics of Nucleated cell, a three-step study strategy is specially designed to obtain the best cnn templates.

33.this new algorithm applies particle swarm optimization (pso) to design the cnn templates to identify the edge of a Nucleated cell.

34.pregnant women; fetus Nucleated red cell; prenatal diagnosis.

35.recrystallized grains always Nucleated preferably at the surface of tensile samples.

36.objective to develop a method for identifying fetal Nucleated erythrocytes ( nrbcs) in maternal blood.

37.any of the Nucleated cells normally found only in bone marrow that develop into erythrocytes.

38.objective: to study the clinicopathological significance of fetal Nucleated erythrocytosis placenta.