Nucleate Sentence Examples | Use Nucleate in a sentence

1.the evading genes of virus dna "neutron" is actually a molecule Nucleate reaction.

2.carbon-poor area forms by means of random fluctuation and carbon atom diffusion. bainitic ferrites Nucleate in carbon-poor austenite. the experiments, onset of the Nucleate boiling ( one), two-phase flow pattern, heat transfer performance, flow instability and critical heat flux were carefully observed and recorded. is known that surfactant additive has important effect to Nucleate boiling, surfactant additive mainly intensifies the convection of fluid while it changes the attribution of bubbles.

5.thermal cracks Nucleate preferentially in the area of the most stress concentrated in the coating. of active nucleation site density in subcooled Nucleate pool boiling

7.the departure from Nucleate boiling (dnb) is important concerning about the safety of a pwr.

8.pollen 3-Nucleate, extine tectum finely striate.

9.thereby, the microporous surfaces can realize outstanding heat transfer enhancement by drastically enhancing Nucleate boiling. 3.

10.this experiment clearly showed one basic fact: what virus infection enters is just the Nucleate part of it while the protein shells are kept outside of the cell.

11.the clusters Nucleate exclusively in the hydrocarbon surface contamination.

12.carbamide can be used as Nucleate agent and minish the cellular dimension evidently.

13.the contents mainly include the onset of Nucleate boiling ( onb), two-phase flow pressure drop, heat transfer characteristics and critical heat flux ( chf).

14.basic experimental studies have been made for the enhancements of Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer outside the smooth tube under alternate electric field by using r11 as the working fluid.

15.r113 Nucleate boiling experiment was conducted on a transparent ito glass.

16.effect of β Nucleate agent on the flame retardant pp with red phosphorus

17.mass flux is with little effect on the active nucleation site density of channel, but with effect on the onset of Nucleate boiling.

18.keywords: fractal, Nucleate boiling, floc, biological aggregates.

19.the experimental results show that in the pool Nucleate boiling process the effect of interfacial vaporization heat sink obviously increases with the heat transfer flux.

20.the physical and mathematical models are proposed for the falling film boiling heat transfer, in which the effects of convective flow and Nucleate boiling on film heat transfer coefficients are taken into account and the inhibition of liquid flow to the Nucleate boiling in the film is considered.

21.objective to discuss the clinical curative effect of chronic urticaria treated with combination of bacilli calmette guerin polysaccharide Nucleate ( bcgpn) and mizolastine. second stage, after 2-Nucleate embryo sac development, most pollen tubes grow radially around ovules.

23.the effect of the content of Nucleate agent on the mechanical properties of soft poly ( vinyl-chloride)( spvc) foamed material was investigated.

24.a r113 Nucleate boiling experiment was conducted on a transparent ito glass.

25.through analyzing the process of wet-steam flow, basis on the classical Nucleate theory, simulated the wet-steam flow in the plane cascade.

26.the influence of Nucleate agent and stress whitening on average cellular diameter were studied.

27.the model assumes that forced convection and Nucleate boiling coexist in the annular flow regime. experimental study of heat transfer characteristics and steam carrying effects on Nucleate pool boiling for aqueous surfactant solutions

29.the mechanisms of solid particle strengthening single phase convective heat transfer and Nucleate boiling heat transfer have been illustrated on theories.

30.the results show that recrystallization Nucleate near the primary carbides and at dendrite core.

31.the ag atoms Nucleate and grow into nanoparticles.

32.the effect of interfacial vaporization heat sink in pool Nucleate boiling process

33.if a liquid food is cooled with sufficient agitation, ice crystals Nucleate and grow, and a slurry of relatively pure ice crystals in a concentrate can be obtained.

34.the experimental study on Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer for three mechanically fabricated porous surface tubes carried out at 0.1 mpa were presented. water and alcohol were used in the experiments as working medium.

35.application of a genetic neuro-fuzzy logic to departure from Nucleate boiling protection limited estimation.

36.while during the flow boiling, the main ways of heat transfer are Nucleate boiling and forced convection.

37.the method applying the limiting diffusion current technique ( ldct) and heat transfer measurement together is used to separate the effect of interfacial vaporization heat sink in pool Nucleate boiling process.

38.bainitic ferrites Nucleate in carbon-poor austenite.