Nubile Sentence Examples | Use Nubile in a sentence play the part of edie sedgwick with any conviction sienna miller had to employ the skills of her enormous eyes and long, Nubile legs.

2.their envoy came to us with chests of gold and gems and two hundred slaves, Nubile girls and smooth-skinned boys trained in the way of the seven sighs.

3.botox was surely for americans and tv presenters and housewives worried that their rich husbands might run off with something more Nubile.

4.supermodel jane bracknel plays a Nubile temptress out to seduce him.

5.i rather enjoy looking at a Nubile beautiful yoga teacher posing in front of me, as i try desperately to imitate her flexibility.

6.the baker, nazorine, pudgy and crusty as his great italian loaves, still dusty with flour, scowled at his wife, his Nubile daughter, katherine, and his baker's helper, enzo.

7.a strict, conservative teacher is lured by three of his beautiful, Nubile young female students into a compromising situation. one Nubile contestant on a dating show put it, "i'd rather be miserable sitting in a bmw than be happy riding a bicycle. "

9.what is this current television obsession with older men and Nubile young women?