Noumenal Sentence Examples | Use Noumenal in a sentence

1.humanism coming together with individualism put female body at its Noumenal position as human being and made it realize the inherent sense of human liberation.

2.calling for the returning of the Noumenal study of chinese teaching

3.summarizing the 20 years experience, we can mainly classify our understanding of the meaning of applied linguistics into three parts: the application of linguistics, the application of language and the combination of language itself and Noumenal linguistics with their applications.

4.the thesis makes a dynamic inspect to the Noumenal characteristic, explanatory form and instant context of the life system of the new literature, which look on the new literature as the life stream of the new culture, and using the view of "horizon merge".

5.this paper doubted about the relationship between Noumenal theory and modern ontology which was published in and showed the author's standpoint.

6.gregorio, mindful that his famous character wouldn't expect him to accurately render the Noumenal world, doesn't fetishize historical verisimilitude.

7.Noumenal analysis on characteristics in teaching activities is a Noumenal aesthetic and phenomenal analysis connecting with the whole cultural background.

9.practical metaphysics considers that the true Noumenal existence is a human practical activity and his real life.

10.i try to analyse rakhmaninov's piano prelude and it's music connotation basing on social history and Noumenal art, and i want to get a academic gist of performance guidance.

11.image is an important category with key significance in chinese poem studying and also an important Noumenal factor in poetry creation.

12.basing on analyses of the design and construction no. i of the teaching complex in new campus of sichuan university, this paper discussed the generation of a new building led by the public space, and its expression through Noumenal architectural language.

13.chen fu-chen is the historian and educationist of modern times. his deep thoughts of Noumenal, objective and scientific historiography reflects that his thoughts of historiography are based on the animadversion of the traditional historiography, and also absorbs some elements of western historiography.

14.liu xie completed the criticism of Noumenal meaning, full of a strong sense of cultural duty, and characteristic of practice oriented culture and speculation.

15.additionally, the simulation system will offer referenced evidences for Noumenal structural design of robot.

16.teaching-learning is a man-made being, as the essential presupposition of the study of Noumenal problem of teaching-learning.

17.this discrepancy is reflected in two aspects: institutionalization of " Noumenal hindrance" in poetry and introspective nature of poetry.'s of heidegger's question how to move from the subjective world of consciousness, language and so on to the Noumenal world.

19.the Noumenal elements of an entity are mutually dependent upon, forming an organic whole, and with the contradiction and unification of the Noumenal elements, an entity is endowed with the inner drive for development.

20.the poetized philosophy of qu yuan--the contemporary expatiation on Noumenal sense of qu yuan belongs not only to the "sensible" world, but also to a world he called "intelligible" or "Noumenal".

22.hunting the orient spirit and Noumenal language is the developing chance of contemporary lacquer painting. belongs not only to the "sensible" world, but also to a world he called "intelligible" or " Noumenal " .

24.the Noumenal model for mfl testing of gas transmission pipeline and the mathematical models for finite element analysis were established.

25.analysis on the relation between deformation reinforcing steel bar and concrete adhesion sliding Noumenal structure

26.each Noumenal element is endowed with their existent meaning or value by its proving the existent meaning or value of the other elements, thus forming a hermeneutic circle.

27.the third is the relationship between the Noumenal means of dance and assistant stage effects in dance dramas;

28.: the first principle in zhu zi's theory is to establish the Noumenal status of li, which is regarded as the basis of real world and source of value.

29.the prerequisite to the Noumenal analysis of aesthetic values is to clear out the above mentioned three historical promises.

30.secondly, start with its Noumenal characteristics, the ecological errand of long-span public buildings are discussed. this thesis brings forward the concept, characteristics and vista of ecological long-span public buildings.

31.based on the Noumenal analysis on university statute and using the views and methods of value study for reference, this research discusses the meaning of university statute value and analyzes the subject and object of university statute value and the relationship between them.

32.that is, the theory of translated literature, if it is meant to construct a Noumenal framework, cannot then be simply placed within the model of ordinary literary introduction or literary principles.

33.the contemporary significance of designing aesthetics presents itself in three aspects: to create the Noumenal meaning of designing aesthetics by heterogeneous alienation and regard it as the typical token of the contemporary culture; to define the concept of crime in scientific term is the precondition and the basis of the Noumenal theory of the criminology.

35.the phenomenon of treason in pictorial photography represented by adams symbolized the transformation from the state of motley workmanship with less personality to the consciousness of purity, profession and artistic quality of Noumenal language.

36.the Noumenal analysis and basic orientation to university statute are the starting point and basis of this study. this involves the connotation, contents, property of university statute.

37.the interaction of Noumenal and non-Noumenal factors in primitive buddhism