Noted Sentence Examples | Use Noted in a sentence a recent study, it was Noted that people who sleep less than seven hours per night are much more likely to be classified as obese.

2.what about a truly unexpected piece of news - a president gets shot, a Noted analyst comes out with a bearish earnings forecast, and so on?

3.foxworth Noted that an eyewitness at a bakersfield robbery last month suspected the bandit might have been wearing a mask.

4.the system, as mervyn king, governor of the bank of england, Noted a few weeks later, was "on the precipice" . should be Noted that apps released over a year ago, and which haven't experienced much, if any, success, will not be listed for sale.

6.a larger study might have been able to detect a statistically significant link, she Noted.

7."we are now running 10 to 15 points ahead of him in his home state, so i understand, " he Noted.

8.she held her sword in her right hand as she moved, and her eyes absently Noted the baroque carvings that lined the tunnel wall. Noted the usefulness of the work of the scp and the open forum in march 2006, which had led to a constructive exchange of views.

10.toward the end of the conversation, zuckerberg also Noted just how much facebook manages to accomplish with extremely small teams.