Nineteenth Sentence Examples | Use Nineteenth in a sentence, this was the internet of the Nineteenth century and it really changed everything.

2.his new book is a survey of the theatre in the Nineteenth century.

3.they need to recruit more people into the prison service. but another point i'd like to make is that many prisons were built in the Nineteenth century.

4.he studied some official documents relating to the Nineteenth century.

5.much of central asia was appropriated by the tsars only in the Nineteenth century. music, the first thirty years of the Nineteenth century were pre-eminently an age of romanticism.

7.we boast that we belong to the Nineteenth century and are making the most rapid strides of any nation.

8.england became an industrial country in the Nineteenth century.

9.french artists in the Nineteenth century became very interested in using lithography.

10.a school of thought associated with hegel in the Nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, especially in england, america, france, and italy.

11.such disputes multiplied in the eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries of the major issues affecting Nineteenth-century china was the question of how to deal with other countries. the Nineteenth century, pirates roamed the seas. the eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries the industrial revolution led to an enormous increase in urban populations.

15.china has been a state in some form for thousands of years, but xinjiang formally became part of it only in the late Nineteenth century. washington carver and thomas alva edison were american scientists who were born during the Nineteenth century.

17.the novels of charles dickens as a reflection of life in Nineteenth century britain.

18.scientific socialism originated in the middle of the Nineteenth century.

19.also, in the Nineteenth century, the typewriter was invented.

20.this was as true of the cold war as it was of the world wars and the earlier wars of the seventeenth, eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

21.the Nineteenth century witnessed a revolution in ship design and propulsion.

22.until the Nineteenth century when various books on the subject caused renewed interest in the topic.

23.she told about her experiences growing up in the northeastern united states during the middle of the Nineteenth century. the Nineteenth century, great britain became a powerful country, so english became an international language.

25.i watched the Nineteenth episode of prison break one time at school this noon.

26.this destruction continued well into the Nineteenth century until preservation efforts and a resurgence of national pride put a stop to it.

27.there is an extraordinary alteration between that of the early Nineteenth century and that of the century's end.

28.but towards the end of the Nineteenth century they were influenced by russian literature, so there was quite a little foul perspiration.

29.modern linguistics emerged as a distinct field in the Nineteenth century.

30.the cup of tea, written in the Nineteenth century, breaks his rule.

31.the thesis begins with a brief introduction of the word'aesthetic'and the european athletic movement during the late Nineteenth century.

32.he says the saying became popular in the united states and canada in the late Nineteenth century.

33.although they were all born in the eighteenth century , they wrote their major works in the early years of the Nineteenth century .

34.citizens, the Nineteenth century is great, but the twentieth century will be happy.

35.he worked on the chesapeake and ohio railroad toward the end of the Nineteenth century.

36.sister literature, if viewed from the early Nineteenth century up until now, can be observed to be a special sphere of english literature.

37.and this meeting of cultures in india gives us an example which was to be a feature of the Nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

38.many central banks in europe they have dates that go back to the eighteenth or Nineteenth century.

39.words preview sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth Nineteenth twentieth twenty-first thirtieth date happy birthday!

40.i took with me a Nineteenth century novel to one of these parties and lost myself in it.