Nin Sentence Examples | Use Nin in a sentence

1.sai kung animal hospital, g/ f, 30 man Nin street, sai kung, new territories, hong kong.

2.the function of the vitamin c, is to lower the sperm occurrence Nin to gather the phenomenon, but beneficial semen liquefaction.

3.Nin: access, which is awaiting approval from apple, could be one way forward for a music industry decimated by downloading in recent years.

4.the report of 120 cases of mammary gland hyperplasia treated by ru zeng Nin capsule

5.q. did you name all your Nin dogs? what are their names?

6.through studying the effect of el Nino ( la Nin) on low-temperature disaster and flood in heilongjiang province, we defined an eni to express ei Nino events.

7.over the years we've seen musical groups with pretty strfantasticge Nin the morNings come fantastic d go. first i wasn't too comfortable being watched by so many strangers, but then infected by the Nin coaches dance steps, i gradually lost myself in the work out.

9.the source of the honorific "Nin"

10.of which, qn refers to the number of packets sent to the adjacent node Nin the buffer zone of current node;

11.whn i was Nin years old living in a small town in north carolina i found an ad for sling gring cards in th back of a children's magazine.

12.the manifest method, experimental means and result are different when using Nin and dfo to reveal sweat fingerprints in the permeated objects.

13.the fact that Nin are not tied to a record label frees them to experiment with such new ideas.

14.Nin fans can still grab the slip for free from his web site.

15.objective: to explore the effects of yi tang Nin on the body weight, blood sugar level, triglyceride and c peptide level in diabetes rats.

16.objective: to study king to Nin jiom pei pa koa and vitamin b complex treat chronic pharyngitis.

17.the microstructures and burn resistance of ti-cu-al alloys have been investigated by northwest institute for nonferrous metal research ( Nin, china).

18.on the linked attributive in the structure ofa+ sita+ Nin japanese

19.each of the numbers Nin your list is divisible by the number of digits in the english word for n. the year of el Nin~ o, the abnormal low temperature occurs in spring and autumn, cases of cold spell in later spring are more, and days of cold dew wind in autumn are more. the land of mordor, in the fires of mount doom, the dark lord sauron forged Nin secret a master ring to control all others.

22.Nin ( match zero values in an array) epr theory for d~ 8 ( d_4) and a study of the optical and magneic properties Nin_4x_2

24.farmland was a certain amount of Nin the overweight, and all regions are quite different in the woodland n applied.

25.we normally say "rang Nin shou lei le" .

26.a study of comparing Nin and dfo manifest method