Niceties Sentence Examples | Use Niceties in a sentence

1.the president of the french republic has never fully acquainted himself with diplomatic Niceties.

2.we don't have time to do preparation for anything-public appearances, or any of the Niceties, said a treasury official. nobody gets any sleep. for the legal Niceties, we paid her off.

4.there shouldn't be too many surprises here, other than some of the Niceties that the javac compiler added on your behalf.

5.muntarbhorn dropped any diplomatic Niceties as he rounded on the regime's treatment of its own people.

6.the constitutional Niceties were observed for just a few hours. spend little of your time in reflection – or sometimes in asocial Niceties.

8.the bill giving emergency powers to the military government was railroaded through with little respect for established parliamentary Niceties.

9.having a bosom friend is one of the Niceties of life.

10.he doesn't care about those kinds of Niceties.

11.the key would be to move beyond mere "political Niceties and nice wording", even if negotiators could not deliver a final deal, one european commission official said.

12.its important to remember social Niceties such as saying please and thank you when dealing with them, and if you open doors for people and offer firm handshakes, youre sure to stay in the good books.

13.tuples are not a game-changing feature, just another one of those "Niceties" that makes scala a powerful language to use.

14.the proposals were hedged in with legal Niceties.

15.if they adhere to the guidelines, expect to hear more chinese sprinkling their conversations with Niceties such as 'morning' and 'sorry' overseas.

16.despite the Niceties, the software came under fire for the accuracy of some of its data and other shortcomings compared to the google-powered app it replaced.

17.with all due respect, general, can the Niceties! if this is a court-martial, then court-martial me!

18.Niceties of what you say like "i'm glad to meet you" and who gets introduced to whom can come later when these basics are firmly in place.

19.this was no time for bureaucratic Niceties; it was a moment of peril.

20.he became enmeshed in legal Niceties.

21.we don't bother with all the social Niceties here.

22.just tell me yes or no or provide help or point me to the right direction& no Niceties or terms of endearment necessary.

23.sometimes i just want to stand up and scream in the middle of a restaurant, just because i'm tired of social Niceties.

24.he wasted no time with social Niceties.

25.i recognize the significance of the decision to include an international element and i understand the constitutional and political Niceties that surround that. the end of his life, vieira de mello had junked the marxism and anti-americanism of his youth, as well as the Niceties of un procedure.

27.many scientists simply did not have time to school themselves in diplomatic Niceties.

28.i discovered that most things you consider evil or wicked are simply lonely and lacking in social Niceties.

29.if there are fewer potential mates around, men may delay marriage or forgo it entirely, losing out on these nuptial Niceties. his friends and enemies knew, irwin was a rough-and-tumble fighter in the courts and was not noted for ethical Niceties. there is no more time for Niceties. the end of term, girls will have learnt the Niceties of dinner party conversation

33.itext allows you to create watermarks, encrypt the document, and other output Niceties. his own admission, he "had little patience" for constitutional Niceties.

35.after the first month of adjustment, i learned that the place offered the Niceties of home without the watchful eye of parents.

36.recent revelations suggest that many lenders rode roughshod over legal Niceties to push delinquent borrowers out of their homes.

37.does he enjoy the job, i ask, instantly realising how silly the question must sound to someone born into a role where, despite his golf hobby, duty crowds out Niceties such as work-life balance. punctual, always be generous with social Niceties, and under no circumstances should you ever be drunk in public.