newscast Sentence Examples | Use newscast in a sentence

1.his departure from the anchor chair leaves nbc in an awkward position for the national newscast.

2.restriction factors and tactics in understanding english newscast

3.a newscast released today by cctv discusses china's industrial design boom. narrate or coordinate ( a newscast). new york profiled an office on its tuesday evening newscast that is testing out unlimited vacation time for its staffers.

6.even so, the morning newscast from pyongyang's official broadcaster seemed to emphasize that the elder kim retains his grip on power, devoting its first seven minutes to praising him.

7.this article based on the virtual human technology develops a newscast system for the sign-language news of china.

8.listen to a newscast over the radio

9.information distribution and decoding of english newscast text

10.the producer has to consider the impact of the newscast as a whole, not just each individual story., research on correspondence of news scheme and situation of newscast takes a role of logic in news scheme.

12.cronkite said he never anchored a single newscast that left him fully satisfied.

13.but on his newscast on feb. 4, mr. williams admitted that he had embellished his account of being on a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire in 2003, and apologized to viewers.'s like every newscast starts with a lie.

15.accordingly, measures should be taken to improve the quality of journalists and their stereotyped mode of thinking so as to improve the quality of synchronized voice in newscast.

16.and daddy sees it on the10:00 newscast.

17.televised newscast images of these events outraged americans, and persuaded president lyndon b. johnson and congress to make voting rights legislation a priority.

18.named "best newscast in the states" by the associated press.

19.after the newscast kurtis told the blogger robert federer that he decided to speak out because loughner's story seemed so familiar. on-the-spot reporter; on-the-spot inspections; an on-the scene newscast.

21.within minutes and before the show had ended, someone saw the picture on the newscast and called in a name and address of a potential suspect.

22.williams suggested on his newscast that the sergeant had protected him from a dangerous situation in iraq, when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg, referring to a rocket-propelled grenade. bay tv, my manager promoted me to producer in charge of the entire newscast.

24.producers also decide the order of stories in the newscast and the amount of time to be allocated to each story.

25.the department of law and news should train the professional newscast people who believe in rule of law and praise it highly and hunt for it and defend it.

26.he fessed up during the following night's newscast, conceding that he "misspoke" and apologizing to anyone he offended.

27.what nobody seemed to have done was listen to the woman's newscast without raising an eyebrow.

28.the newspaper must be printed on time, the newscast must go on the air, and mistakes cannot be allowed to go through.

29.anchorwoman: a woman who narrates or coordinates a newscast in which several correspondents give reports.

30.21st century is an information era, people get to know the outside world through various ways, such as newspaper, magazine, newscast, tv, radio and so on.

31.if this [ were] a tea party rally in front of wall street about ben bernanke ( chairman of the federal reserve, the central bank of the us) putting stimulus funds into it, that [ would be] the lead story on every network newscast.

32.but until the total reaches some grim round number, the stories recede from the front page and the top of the evening newscast.

33.all the words uttered in his evening newscast would not fill even the front page of the new york times.

34.we have a problem in our six o'clock newscast.

35.but if a dozing politician thinks being in the day's newspaper or the night's newscast was a problem, wait until the clip gets viewed eternally online.

36.through analysis on situation of researching the connotation of news scheme and so newscast, the writer proposes that news scheme shall to the be done from the point of view of the relationship between newscast& news scheme.