Nestorian Sentence Examples | Use Nestorian in a sentence

1.a brief introduction of Nestorian inscription documents in turkic in china

2.after the Nestorian monument in china was discovered in the end of ming dynasty, more and more scholars did a lot of research on it.

3.the city layout reflected their diversity: there were mosques, "idol temples" and even a Nestorian christian church.

4.verification of the fact that qin ming-he was a Nestorian doctor in the tang dynasty

5.rethinking some problems in Nestorian tablet: eulogizing the propagation of the illustrious religion in china the yuan dynasty, jining circuit, where Nestorian churches and believers had long existed, was an important region for Nestorians.

7.success or failure: enlightenment from interpretation and contemplation of Nestorian scriptures in tang dynasty

8.he had sent two Nestorian monks to central asia, and they were able to smuggle silkworm eggs to him hidden in rods of bamboo.

9.through exploring medical technology, ma bo-ying claims that he is a Nestorian doctor from the roman empire.

10.postscript to the Nestorian stone inscription of the tang dynasty newly found in luoyang

11.a study on an ancient turkic Nestorian inscription in yangzhou

12.Nestorian relics found in the beijing area bear witness to a christian presence there before the 10th century.

13.a analysis on Nestorian organization and system in the tang dynasty