Nectary Sentence Examples | Use Nectary in a sentence

1.tepals 6, free, spatulate or linear-oblanceolate to oblong, adaxially often with a deep pocket of a Nectary gland at base, persistent.

2.petals 5 to many, linear, shortly clawed and with Nectary pit above base.

3.the organelles appear abundant in the cell of Nectary tissue, such as mitochondrions, ribosomes and endoplasmic reticula, and big and clear nucleus and nucleolus, showing that there are many active and vigorous metabolism in Nectary tissue.

4.taraxacum mongolicum has a green tubular stylar Nectary located at the base of the style.

5.the Nectary is composed of epidermis nectariferous tissue and vascular bundles.

6.the stamen and petal ( Nectary leaf) are not initiated from the common primordia; the root primordia originate from the calluses.

7.origanum vulgars has a disc Nectary located on the disc at the base of the ovary.

8.the peony has floral Nectary and extrafloral Nectary, the extrafloral Nectary had no obvious external form. it was made of amaranth oblong thin-wall cells.

9.the soluble total sugar and sucrose content in petal, bract and Nectary of male sterile line are significantly higher than in those of restorer, maintainer and hybrid f 1, but the difference of fructose content among them is not noticeable.

10.petals elliptic to suborbicular, entire, slightly concave or forked-lobed with 2 empty anthers, rarely with a Nectary.

11.when the various floral organs developed, 2-3 superficial layer cells of the receptacle become meristemoid and contributed to the formation of Nectary primordia.

12.anatomic studies of the floral Nectary in lonicera japonica thunb

13.after dedifferentiation, those initial cells respectively develop into primitive secretory epidermis and primitive secretory tissue of the Nectary.

14.during the development of Nectary, the vacuoles and the content of starch grains change irregularly.

15.the heterozygote y/ y may be distinguished by the Nectary color.

16.possibly owing to the narrow condition of plot, the cotton lines without ( outside flower) Nectary glands did not show resistance.

17.during the different stages of Nectary development, the endoplasmic reticulum, golgi bodies, plastids and mitochondria in the cells of the nectariferous tissues changes regularly.

18.the thin cuticula was presented in the epidermal layer of nectaries, only on the top surface of finger shaped Nectary were there concentrated stoma.

19.the Nectary morphology of sagittaria triforia female flowers were studied using paraffin section and histochemistry methods.

20.the floral Nectary in litchi chinensis is a disc Nectary located between calyx and ovary on receptacle.

21.anatomical observation on floral Nectary of pyrus bretschneideri rehd.

22.the stamen and petal ( Nectary leaf) are not initiated from the common primordia;

23.developmental anatomy of the floral Nectary in citrus reticulata blanco cv. tangerine

24.the Nectary belongs to starch Nectary and the starch is complex grain.

25.there were many Nectary pores on the ovary, and the pores extended into round at the gynoecium stage.

26.all cells of the disc composed the Nectary.

27.characterized by 100% rate of the stable sterility, those materials contain normal Nectary and good seeding capacities.

28.corolla with an evident Nectary; fruiting calyx about as long as berry, apex open.

29.the cylindraceous Nectary encircled the styler base of each floret.

30.during the developing process, the vacuoles and polysaccharide in Nectary change regularly.

31.the Nectary originates from the several outer layer cells of base of carpel primordia.

32.cell differentiation and apoptosis associated with nectar secreting during the Nectary development of arabidopsis thaliana l .

33.structure and ultrastructure studies of the floral Nectary in codonopsis pilosula nannf

34.the Nectary is composed of secretory epidermis and nectariferous tissue with no vascular bundles in it.

35.petals 3--5, yellow, narrowly obovate, clawed at base, with a Nectary pit covered by a scale above claw.