Nale Sentence Examples | Use Nale in a sentence

1.Nale: this goatee isn't just for show, you know!

2.Nale: why, you're the centerpiece of a daring plan to lure your unsuspecting brother roy into a trap, child.

3.Nale: pompey, hit every magic store in the city. buy up every scroll you can find with an arcane spell named "sending" .

4.Nale: don't be dense, honey, that would be pointless and self-indulgent.

5.Nale: and that includes any more, "wizard formerly known as" losers, too.

6.Nale: i don't know. it's kind of weak, but i guess it qualifies as an evil opposite.

7.well, if Nale wants it to be you who touches it, then that's reason enough for it to be me.

8.Nale: you see, kid, when it comes to being tagonists, we're more "an" while you're pretty clearly "pro" . we're just not interested.

9.Nale: sabine, honey, i've already invested a lot of time and energy into this "evil opposites" theme, i'm not about to rock the boat now.

10.Nale: well i was going to monologue my entire villainous plot to you, but now i guess the readers will have to wait to hear the details.