Muzzle Sentence Examples | Use Muzzle in a sentence

1.Muzzle blast wave overpressure values of standard Muzzle brake and Muzzle brake using noise elimination theo.

2.the mongrel presented his Muzzle for scratching.

3.reducing and eliminating Muzzle flash is a research subject of the arms experts all the time.

4.a close friend of mine put the Muzzle of his rifle between the german's still crying eyes and pulled the trigger.

5.these dogs usually have the paler face markings over the Muzzle, on the cheeks, above the eyes and with cream mottling in the ears.

6.the Muzzle must not be narrow or pointed.

7.i grabbed it, and then slidell had it by the Muzzle. put this in the Muzzle to assure accuracy.

9.the new secrecy act will Muzzle the media and the opposition.

10.if he uses his Muzzle and his paws, score 2 points, whether he gets the treat or not (at least he's trying).

11.precision fire of aa gun must accurately confirm and correct Muzzle velocity deviation and adjustment.

12.and then the Muzzle smashed into it.

13.arabian heads are short, refined, and dished, with a tapered Muzzle; large nostrils;

14.severe faults: toplines of the cranium and Muzzle not parallel.

15.a firearm that is load through the Muzzle.

16.Muzzle moderately pointed, avoiding any tendency to snipiness, and approximately equal in length to that of the top skull.

17.baboon of west africa with red and blue Muzzle and hindquarters.

18.he complained of being Muzzled by the chairman

19.he felt the Muzzle against his belly.

20.the formation of secondary Muzzle flash is closely related to reducing gases in combustion products.

21.the basis of this article is the application of millimeter wave radar in Muzzle velocity measure of antiaircraft gun.

22.toplines of cranium and the Muzzle must be parallel.

23.a broad glistening Muzzle showed itself above the edge of the bank, and the otter hauled himself out and shook the water from his coat.

24.meanwhile, the lord has a Muzzle and a chain for bears. he restrains the more furious wrath of the enemy.

25.he caught hold of the dog by its Muzzle.

26.thus the correct width varies with the individual and is dependent upon the extent to which it is supported by length of Muzzle.

27.she was opposed to new laws to Muzzle the press.

28.this was necessary to decrease the Muzzle velocity of the bullet so it would be below the speed of sound.

29.see the Muzzle impression around the entrance wound? see Muzzle flash out there?

31.i want a Muzzle. a good, strong Muzzle.

32.with his own body huang jiguang blocked the Muzzle of the enemy's machine gun.

33.she has just a "slight" step down to the Muzzle (stop) and i think this beautiful head would be enhanced by more here.

34.can also be used for military industry, such as using it to measure the bullet in the chamber guns firing moment of the change of the bore pressure and the Muzzle blast pressure.

35.true leadership will not be measured by the ability to Muzzle dissent, or to intimidate and harass political opponents at home.

36.he placed the Muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.

37.Muzzle blast noise can exceed 150 decibels (measured at the shooter's location) and is one of the loudest sounds humans are likely to hear.

38.he was convicted of failing to Muzzle a pit bull.

39.i ought to put a Muzzle on you.

40.he had a tommy gun slung Muzzle down over his left shoulder.