Muttering Sentence Examples | Use Muttering in a sentence

1.he left, Muttering obscenities.

2.marcus stood up, Muttering incoherently.

3.girl juonly dignified, courteous, the king especially liked it, Muttering: "she is the queen of my mind, i am non-that she did not marry. "

4.people began Muttering about the unfair way he was being treated.

5.are you Muttering threat at me?

6.meanwhile turkey's security chiefs were Muttering darkly about punishing greece for abetting kurdish terrorists.

7.he shook his head in disgust and stalked off, Muttering.

8.she was staring into the fire Muttering.

9.he was in a right tizzy, Muttering and swearing Muttering, he followed his master.

11.and then before i know it, i've updated my local working copy from a broken repository trunk or innocently gone home and left the rest of the team Muttering.

12.he was pacing back and forth Muttering to himself.

13.pierre clutched at his head, and turning back, walked into the wood, off the path in the snow, Muttering aloud incoherent words.

14.all work ceased, and the boss himself, looking at his watch and Muttering, came out into the corridor.

15.that of a baby, murmuring, Muttering, snuggling upon her chest such a meek . . .

16.that evening he drank heavily, abandoning all restraint, Muttering curses at those young fellows. Muttering to himself, he leapt once more on his horse and rode away, not stopping till he came to his own castle.

18.he had a long stick, and was Muttering to himself, and he did not look up as we passed.

19.han jia, what are you Muttering?

20.he went along Muttering words and swearing.

21.the cupboard door is stuck and i can't pull it open. sarah was Muttering away to herself as she did the washing-up.

22.butler stood still instinctively while the door was made fast, and then looking at his watch, walked briskly up the street, Muttering to himself almost unconsciously.

23.we pushed through the crowd, Muttering occasional'scuses'and'pardons '.

24.she can hear the old woman Muttering about consideration

25.for some time people had been Muttering about the way she ran the department.

26.of course, for the moment all this Muttering about gold is simply wild speculation.

27.he died Muttering the words that were reminiscent of his experience during the pilgrimage.

28.william went away Muttering to himself.

29.sara sits in her parked car with her eyes closed, Muttering to herself.

30.he turned and went upstairs, Muttering to himself.

31.he was quite annoyed, and went off Muttering threats under his breath.

32.he was Muttering on the telephone so i asked him to speak more clearly. angry Muttering ran through the crowd.

34.the king stumbled on in the hot morning sun, angry, Muttering, damaged in pride.

35.he was Muttering things she did not hear, his lips were evoking feelings never felt before.

36.but they were all in, and edward was speeding away. i drove home slowly, carefully, Muttering to myself the whole way.

37.but rhodes was not going gentle into any good night. on his deathbed he was heard Muttering, "so little done, so much to do. "

38.he sat there shaking his head, Muttering to himself

39.but michael just stares coldly into the dark as he lays on the floor, Muttering, "i put my blood into this. "

40.she was Muttering threats against her neighbour's noisy dog.