Mulberry Sentence Examples | Use Mulberry in a sentence

1.these results suggested that the Mulberry wild silkworm from china be a very complex population with abundant genetic diversity.

2.all around the Mulberry bush all around the Mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel. the monkey thought 't was all in fun.

3.a compound yogurt with Mulberry juice and skimmed milk as the chief raw materials is studied.

4.european Mulberry having dark foliage and fruit.

5.with time and patience the Mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.

6.sweet usually dark purple blackberry-like fruit of any of several Mulberry trees of the genus morus.

7.Mulberry day to understand the what, must be evidence, the murderer is kill chicken person constantly what he was looking for.

8.silkworms are fed Mulberry leaves after they have hatched. huidong into a state-level base of quality cocoon and silk by the chance of "Mulberry transfer from the east to the west"

10.she fed Mulberry leaves to the silkworms.

11.the effect of biological seed coatings on Mulberry seed germination and seedling growth

12.cherry Mulberry and calamus, more buy realgar wine a pot of. study the function of Mulberry leaf in assistant decreasing blood glucose.

14.somehow, Mulberry managed to wrangle that color and put it on a handbag, and for that, i salute them.

15.conclusion: the inhibition of extract from Mulberry leaves on tyrosinase activity is similar to that of kojic acid.

16.the basic objective of breeding end using different Mulberry varieties is put forward from the breeding angle. on enzymatic extraction of flavonoids from Mulberry leaf

18.among the dowry items, besides silk stuff, there must be a pair of young Mulberry trees, silkworm and egg sheets.

19.a Mulberry leaf touched with the genius of man becomes silk.

20.she fed Mulberry leaves to the silkworms, and started to raise more of them.

21.the epidemic grew to a massive scale, and after having attacked the silkworms, other viruses began to infect the Mulberry trees. Mulberry leaf's active constituent has many important physiological functions.

23.the clarification technology of Mulberry fruit juice by using pectinase was studied.

24.objective to investigate the best extraction technology of total flavonoids from Mulberry leaves. has the advantages of both cashmere and Mulberry silk.

26.Mulberry is a popular fruit for the first three generations of research projects, many varieties.

27.what can not be called Mulberry fruit, what fruit but it also can not compare.

28.Mulberry dazzled me, i do not know where to start from the pick.

29.a research of the effects of drought stress upon protective enzyme activities and physiology of different Mulberry varieties

30.Mulberry: this slow-growing tree is ideal for a large pot.

31.she told aqiao that these white worms were called silkworms and the leaves they ate were called Mulberry leaves.

32.we can also make stationery, Mulberry paper products to your specifications.

33.Mulberry days trying to call in the people exactly is who?

34.the black Mulberry morus nigra is often known as the english Mulberry for the following reason.

35.this paper reviewed the advance in mobile genetic element of Mulberry silkworm.

36.a Mulberry leaf touched with the genius . ent and wonder at my greatness as the words of these scrolls are fulfilled in me .

37.extraction and application study of dnj from Mulberry

38.the paper summarizes the type, distribution, main characteristic and utilization of Mulberry germplasm resources in guizhou.

39.a thinker is like a silkworm which gives us not Mulberry leaves, but silk.