Mufti Sentence Examples | Use Mufti in a sentence

1.the phase and the size of all branch currents of the 13,104 kinds of fault of short circuit were calculated thoroughly thorough "Mufti-bop analysis".

2.the grand Mufti , shaikh ahmed bin hamad al khalili exhorted muslims to be pious and obey allah the almighty.

3.speaking at Mufti mehmood conference in quetta on late thursday, maulana said us is playing haqqani card to destabilize pakistan, adding quetta shura card can also surface within few days.

4.a fatwa is not universally binding like a papal edict; rather, it simply expresses the opinion of the Mufti who issues it.

5.the fuhrer replied that germany's fundamental attitude on these questions, as the Mufti himself had already stated, was clear.

6.the analysis of input-output, also known as inter-sectoral balance method, is an effective method of quantitative analysis in economy. it was raised by the famous american economist, wassily ti Mufti, in 1936.

7."our people were asleep on the job, " said salem Mufti, a rebel fighter. "it was a surprise that gaddafi soldiers came so fast. "

8.this requirement enables the Mufti to implement shari'ah-based evidence on current contemporary situations and problems.

9.emboldened by his welcome, mr gomaa offered to help britain set up a post like his own: state-certified grand Mufti.

10.mike: i knew that-i just said the Mufti friday and coffee machine for a hoot.

11.( d) high system security obtained by a Mufti-level security scheme.

12.soldiers wear Mufti on leave, not uniform. a result, the form of modern war is changed. the modern hi-tech local war has been stretched into Mufti-dimensional space which includes the land, sea, air, outer space and electron.

14.after the attack, a top sufi scholar, Mufti muneebur rehman, criticized the government for not doing enough to protect the sufi population.

15.benjamin franklin wrote of his desire to see the Mufti of istanbul preach islam to americans from a pulpit in philadelphia.

16.finding peace within himself, abdulla is a Mufti who is consoling the children in the first da ai village.

17.the framework lightens the burden to build up the Mufti-layer web application and provides components which can be reused.

18.research and application on Mufti-level inverter is one of the newest developments of modern power electronic.

19.Mufti, abdulla mansur: after the disaster, every night i would teach the children to recite the koran. my house is much livelier now.

20.mike: i knew that - i just said the Mufti friday and coffee machine for a hoot.