Muffle Sentence Examples | Use Muffle in a sentence

1.she heard a Muffled cough behind her. london, winter and spring are barely distinguishable, because the clouds Muffle both seasons.

3.but she learned how to Muffle the bell by stuffing a sock into it and inching her way out of the bed and into the night.

4.people of orphalese , you can Muffle the drum , and you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the skylark not to sing ?

5.mgo whiskers have been obtained by calcining the precursor whisker in Muffle oven at appropriate conditions.

6.make sure you Muffle up properly, because it's pretty cold outside.

7.he's excused himself to shut a door, a vain attempt to Muffle the din of clashing light sabres and other frankly weird clanging noises.

8.the submerged aerator is composed of submerged pump, mixing room, the seat, inlet pipe, Muffle and so on.

9.put pdc into Muffle furnace at suitable temperature, test the wearing performance to obtain data of heat resistance.

10.and if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you Muffle man's ears to the voice of the day the voices of the night.

11.a new type of ceramic fibre Muffle furnace can provide a high efficient resolution by rapid moss sample ashing.

12.she tried to Muffle the heresy within herself and couldn't; even the word possibilities was splendidly dangerous and ignoble.

13.he made my husband take my best petticoat to Muffle the oars.

14.the polymerization conditions of ammonium polyphosphate ( app) were studied by microwave reactor and Muffle furnace respectively with ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and urea as raw materials.

15.Muffle her with a piece of cloth stones fear that this is the new-born baby, kronos swallowed goes to a rock.

16.make sure you Muffle up well& it's very cold.

17.drying section: the blower equipped with Muffle cotton and air feeding filter screen pack for less noise and better drying conditions.

18.Muffle the drums, and hope the new century comes*?

19.he could Muffle the sound of his work by wrapping the head of his hammer in rock-polishing cloths, but what to do with the pulverized concrete and the occasional chunks that came out whole?

20.experiments on drying of the high moisture municipal solid waste(msw) were conducted on Muffle incineration, using ca stock as a test case.

21.she knows how to Muffle herself up well.

22.and if you sing though as angels, and love not the singing, you Muffle man's ears to the voices of the day and the voices of the night.

23.mother made an effort to Muffle her emotions.

24.he did his utmost to Muffle his feelings. would hear love's faint murmur, but when love shouts you would Muffle your ears.

26.this problem, of course, is no different than that experienced by recipients of donor organs, who take drugs to Muffle their body's immune system.

27.verify the accuracy of the measuring and controlling circuitry of the Muffle furnace by checking the positions in the furnace at the control set point temperature of intended use.

28.please Muffle yourself up well.

29.he tried to Muffle the alarm clock by putting it under his pillow.

30.his mother made him Muffle himself up before he could go out to play in the snow.

31.the latest style large capacity Muffle with special structure has reduced the noise of exhaust gas. a larger air filter is employed to reduce the noise of suction gas.

32.blake held his handkerchief over the mouthpiece to Muffle his voice

33.people of orphalese, you can Muffle the drum, and you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the skylark not to sing?

34.Muffle of fused silica Muffle the sound, and he broke it.

36.thermal segregation thanks to exhaust cheney between the Muffle and the water- jacket ; flux management system upon request .

37.washington (reuters) - federal reserve chairman ben bernanke may have to Muffle his applause for the sturdier u. s. economic recovery.

38.sir john might have helped to Muffle the political row, but in financial circles the real fight will continue.

39.application comparison of gas burning opening furnace with steel tube Muffle to heat ( an oven, for example) beforehand.

40.the results showed that low temperature region has a more great effect on drying process than high temperature region in Muffle.