Muddy Sentence Examples | Use Muddy in a sentence

1.dash a bucketful of water over the Muddy floor.

2.girl, wearing such a good pair of embroidered shoes, stamping on the Muddy pity, on the train!

3.they left the car and struck out along the Muddy track

4.the paper has turned a Muddy colour.

5.the only access to that building is along that Muddy track.

6.the water is very Muddy.

7.mother called bob down for walking into the kitchen with Muddy boots.

8.he said a colleague told him the wreckage was needed to fill in a Muddy ditch to make rescue efforts easier.

9.the arena was scarred by deep Muddy ruts.'s difficult enough without Muddying the issue with religion. the foot of the garden was a broad stream. here, under the Muddy banks lived the old toad with her son.

12.she was rather fat, and her complexion was Muddy and spotty. was sort of like a Muddy indentation in the sand. and in that indentation, the water sort of seeps up. i taxied over the Muddy steel matting of the runway, i got a wave and a grin from my wingman lt. rex barber.

15.this water is too Muddy, let it settle before use.

16.pick one's way: he had to pick his way along the Muddy path.

17.but thanks to bofa-ml's guidelines, now anybody can engage in a bit of sleuthing, Muddy waters style.

18.she bent to meet the child who came running on little, bare, white feet across the Muddy ground, and gathered her up in her arms.

19.this time you really mustn't tread in Muddy water and follow him blindly.

20.the road was too Muddy for trucks.

21.moving through an endless Muddy puddle, the rear tire of my car blew out. was hard to get over the Muddy road.

23.the receding waters left Muddy devastation.

24.the role of such authorised intermediaries is at the heart of the report issued by Muddy waters in june.

25.his glasses are Muddy. typical of china's coastal Muddy silt.

27.the thawed ground was Muddy.

28.the river had dried up leaving only a few Muddy puddles.

29.look at the plebs! getting all Muddy! haw haw haw!

30.the road is very Muddy. well, it said it intends to ask securities regulators in canada and other jurisdictions to investigate Muddy waters' trading activities.

32.the men had to slog up a steep Muddy incline

33.crabs scuttle along the Muddy bank.

34.coastal intertidal zone is rich of land resources, particularly in coastal estuaries and Muddy tidal flats.

35.the ground was still very Muddy.

36.the water is Muddy; let it settle for a while.

37.this ink will not change color. the Muddy water slowly cleared.

38.the road is Muddy after the rain.