Mounding Sentence Examples | Use Mounding in a sentence

1.their single sensor-eye clusters betrayed no emotion, and the twin cannon Mounding at either shoulder made them appear invincible.

2.judgment of the shot is as important as execution, and defining the target areas with artificial Mounding reduces the value of judgment.

3.the Mounding type lpg storage tank temporal rhytidectomy by u-shaped buried sutures

4.the implication of the spiritual occultation includes the humanistic spirit occultation, the patriotism education, the Mounding of healthy personality, the cultivation of ecology environmental awareness and the education of the consciousness of the world.

5.practical design method to the vacuum-Mounding combined preload on expressway embankments

6.his creation regards Mounding heroes as the foundation, regards expressing the human nature as the aim, so in the hero's "human world", embody strong human care.

7.waste body stability evaluation of sanitary landfill in valley the Mounding type lpg storage tank

8.strengthen Mounding world view and raising cadre's world

9.reason analysis of steel-Mounding in angang high speed wire 1080 shear area and reconstruction

10.of course, the successful compleion of experiment in the paper is greatly benefited fromthe acis Mounding tool.

11.metal Mounding fittings. rare. it's the blade that we can't bear seeing.