Month Sentence Examples | Use Month in a sentence

1.lamed with a bad leg, melville became separated from his companion and spent a Month alone in the company of the natives.

2.over the next several Months i met most of her family

3.he deserted from army intelligence last Month

4.export orders improved in the last Month

5.oh, in a few weeks. i'm only away for a short time. i'll be back in beijing soon - around the end of the Month.

6.d'you know what? i make more in a week than yous fuckers earn in a Month. here.

7.a new constitution was promulgated last Month.

8.the marriage was annulled last Month.

9.will you lend me ten yuan? i will pay you back next Month.

10.she lost 16 pounds in the first Month of her diet.

11.many stores have started their january sales a Month early.

12.but it's safe to say that he probably made a year's salary in the three-Month long marriage.

13.i shall know more next Month, i hope've had a harrowing time this past Month. wife and i have taken the cottage for a Month.

16.he paid a Month's rent in advance, just enough to satisfy the landlord's avarice. is the sixth Month in a row in which imports have fallen.

18.he has spent a year training crews for next Month's round the world race. failures rose 16% last Month.

20.the trial is due to begin next Month.

21.i made him a bed in my study, and then went to bed myself, happier than i had been for the past Month.

22.last Month a shopkeeper's nephew was shot dead

23.your burn rate is the amount of money you lose each Month trying to get a business started.

24.peace talks between the two sides ended in deadlock last Month.

25.activists stepped up their demands for local autonomy last Month.

26.the change proposed last Month was foreshadowed in the march budget.

27.sales shot up by 9% last Month

28.i'm retiring next Month. they're putting me out to pasture.

29.the number of unemployed people in poland has grown by more than a quarter in the last Month

30.lo and behold, about a Month later, the monkeys with the new l-opsin gene were able to see hues they'd never seen before.

31.finally, more than a Month after the shipwreck, they were forced to beach themselves on what was then known as the great sandy island.

32.they married a Month after they met's three days short of a Month.

34.last Month he signed a new non-aggression pact with germany

35.she was here for a Month

36.the first snow came a Month earlier than usual.

37.though the fed does not expect deflation, last Month it did say that "inflation could persist for a time below" optimal levels. was to be johnson's first meeting with the board in nearly a Month

39.the show seemed such a fixture that, after a Month or two, he began to take it for granted that it was still running.