Montanic Sentence Examples | Use Montanic in a sentence

1.pan-nan electric power plant has been constructed in the Montanic area distributed coaly stratum, engineering geological conditions are very difficult and engineering geological problems are sharply stand out.

2.based on the virus-free seed tuber propagation system, this technology was spread in china in 1970's and gradually use to establish the propagation system that suited various Montanic zones in china.

3.models for predicting operation speeds on the Montanic highway horizontal curve section

4.because of the Montanic forest was felled excessively, the regional environment of the northern sector of taihang mountains and the southern foot of yanshan mountains were seriously damaged at ecology, that was especially prominence in the ming and qing dynasties.

5.debris flow triggered by Montanic rainstorm happened in some areas that has loose geological structure may become frequent geological disasters. forecasting the debris flow disaster more effective and reducing the mountain storm debris flow disaster losses, have become an important research in recent years.

6.the anti-slide performance of tunnel road surface is measured at different positions of eight tunnels of a Montanic expressway by self-developed three-axes acceleration apparatus.

7.development mode in south Montanic area is brought forward; on traditional landscape of Montanic city chongqing

9.xiangxi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture locates in wuling Montanic areas in northwest of hunan province, tujia and miao national minorities being two of the major nationalities.