Monstrously Sentence Examples | Use Monstrously in a sentence

1.they were twin whirlwinds of hatred , revolving about each other Monstrously.

2.few places so Monstrously and precisely define china's commercial ambition as yiwu, a city 120 miles south of shanghai.'s Monstrously unjust and socially harmful. was Monstrously corrupt and mismanaged the economy into hyperinflation.

5.i was Monstrously touched - so would you have been - and , out of pure pity , i engaged him on the spot to be ships cook.

6.this Monstrously slender character always wander alone against a backdrop of solemn colors, enjoying the freedom of solitude. the heart of the artwork is a set of four Monstrously massive stars, collectively called the trapezium.

8.i surrendered. the rules were so Monstrously bureaucratic that i couldn't even apply for a demonstration.

9.he painted, he said, so that cambodia would never turn on itself so Monstrously again.

10.cities are getting bigger, Monstrously so.