Monstrosities Sentence Examples | Use Monstrosities in a sentence

1.regex Monstrosities that do everything in one pattern are difficult to maintain, and are prone to backtracking-related problems.

2.yet medical Monstrosities that are hardly any better undoubtedly continue, almost as a matter of macabre routine, in america, britain and many other countries.

3.studies on the Monstrosities of trombiculid larvae

4.literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid mutations were created to work the fields and Monstrosities were created with controlled minds to robotically do the biddings of their'masters '.

5.apart from the great curtailment of inventiveness, this schematism may be harmless for small-scale works, but when applied to large-scale, tectonic projects it leads to Monstrosities. fact i was afraid of those jagged Monstrosities all around and over our heads.

7.most of the older buildings have been torn down and replaced by modern Monstrosities.

8.hatred of bossy liberals who want to impose a national health service and other bureaucratic Monstrosities.

9.this paper reports the Monstrosities appeared in a colony of flea, leptopsylla segnis, rearing in the laboratory over a long period of time.

10.they tore down the most beautiful old buildings to put up those Monstrosities.

11.the second option pollutes the simplicity of the qbe approach and leads to Monstrosities like the one shown in listing 9

12.but Monstrosities cannot be separated by any distinct line from slighter variations.