Monsoon Sentence Examples | Use Monsoon in a sentence was as necessary for my soul after its rigorous repression during my infancy as are the Monsoon clouds after a fiery summer.

2.most of india's crucial rain is brought by the summer Monsoon, which falls, with luck, in just a few weeks between june and september.

3.the influence of anomalous diabatic heating over tibetan plateau in spring on the asian tropical circulation and Monsoon onset

4.china Monsoon climate zones vast rain thermal year to crops, trees, pasture growth and maturity benefit;

5.evolution and structure of the mesoscale convection and its environment: a case study during the early onset of the southeast asian summer Monsoon.

6.the Monsoon held off for a month; then the rain fell in terrents.

7.a bad Monsoon has reduced production prospects in india and sri lanka, two other major exporters. the temperate zone oceanity Monsoon climate.

9.Monsoon, referring to the winter winds and summer Monsoon impact. the model domain, the surface currents of the scs have the closest relations with the Monsoon with an apparent seasonal variation.

11.she writes, "the seasons were so regular that you could almost predict that the long, Monsoon rains would start falling in mid-march. "

12.add in an insatiable appetite for scarce land, water and minerals and a Monsoon of bribes is forecast.

13.meanwhile, vegetation can also reduce the sea-land temperature contrast and weaken the asian summer Monsoon. is a rare modern Monsoon marine glacier that has a low latitude but a high elevation.

15.on the contrary, the scs summer Monsoon tends to be weak when the inactive state is dominant for the low frequency oscillation.

16.the Monsoon is an important topic in the scientific research of the atmosphere.

17.besides, the possible relationship between the lfo of the tropical Monsoon and meiyu occurrence is discussed.

18.four seasons and pleasant weather, which is the eastern continental Monsoon climate.

19.and change periods of the summer rainfall differ from those of the east asian summer Monsoon.

20.ding said he is soon to publish another study in science predicting asian Monsoon activity over the next 100 years.

21.even if he is right, as banyan hopes and believes, it is not just a question of limping through the next few weeks until the Monsoon ends. accompany those warm conditions, we're seeing very heavy precipitation in the Monsoon areas in pakistan.

23.beijing's climate is typical continental Monsoon climate characterized by hot and rainy summers, cold and dry winters.

24.during Monsoon time, when visibility is often reduced to 60m, the sea is usually rough.

25.just to let you know, india is facing Monsoon and i understand price is more than us$75 already.

26.feature analysis and numerical experiments of the persistent diabatic heating in the summer Monsoon regions in eastern china

27.owing to the continental Monsoon and complex terrain effects in different parts of the city's varied climate.

28.but he said that farm output would be substantially stronger after bountiful Monsoon rains, which are crucial for agriculture.

29.jinzhong a warm temperate continental Monsoon climate, seasonal changes.

30.the Monsoon rains started early this year. ban-gladesh, the Monsoons have started.

32.the air-sea heat exchange at xisha areas during the onset of southwest Monsoon in2000.

33.effects of black carbon aerosol in south asia on asian summer Monsoon the main controlling factor in the climate.

34.a location, topography and the Monsoon.

35.east asian summer Monsoon anomaly atmosphere teleconnection pattern and its impact on summer rainfall in china

36.predictability analysis and preliminary application of the bay of bengal summer Monsoon onset

37.Monsoon research is provincial.

38.east asian subtropical Monsoon precipitation in the spring of diagnostic analysis and numerical simulation

39.the mechanism of the effect on the south china sea summer Monsoon of the indo-china peninsula is also discussed.

40.the results are as follows: the anticorrelation exists in the start and the end time of summer Monsoon;