Monroe doctrine Sentence Examples | Use Monroe doctrine in a sentence

1.but these days, the chinese are fashioning an asian version of the Monroe doctrine to press their imperial ambitions.

2.the real significance of the Monroe doctrine was shown by the slogan "america for americans" which was the basis of american foreign policy with regard to the western hemisphere.

3.india, in turn, espouses its own "Monroe doctrine" , demanding that outsiders keep out of its backyard.

4.i was then a strong supporter of america's Monroe doctrine and the open door policy.

5.the manifest destiny, which was the development of the Monroe doctrine, was a kind of expansionist policy.

6.beijing looks as if it is formulating an east asian version of america's Monroe doctrine.

7."Monroe doctrine" has become the cornerstone of u.

8.citing the Monroe doctrine, president woodrow wilson orders u. s. marines to occupy haiti in 1915.

9.the Monroe doctrine's real author, he set nineteenth-century america's diplomatic course.

10.the french army in mexico was trampling the Monroe doctrine in the dirt. recently reveal a surprising extension of his Monroe doctrine . civil war, america is facing intervention of britain and france and the french invasion into mexico, both of which carries the nature that the Monroe doctrine is challenged by european countries. would be akin to a chinese Monroe doctrine, which asserted the rights of a then-rising us to its latin american backyard.

14."china has its own Monroe doctrine in the region, and this is the pancho villa case of the mekong, " mr. chambers said.

15.the united states government not only dominated the settlement of the crisis, it also expanded the scope of Monroe doctrine and established its hegemony status in ameirca.

16.tries to analyze the differences between the big stick-dollar diplomacy and the Monroe doctrine

17.since "Monroe doctrine" puted forward in1823, with power increasing, the united states extend its hegemony from america to the pacific-asia area to the global.

18.time: you said recently that you believe the "bol í var doctrine is finally replacing the Monroe doctrine" on your watch. why?

19.looking from the american history, "the Monroe doctrine" of us in the latin america is always the core of policy.

20.feeling excluded by western nations, in the 1930s, japan embarked on its own version of the Monroe doctrine, leading to the second sino-japanese war and the pacific war against the allied powers.

21.s. at the 49th parallel. in conferences on latin america, he helped formulate the Monroe doctrine.

22.after all, ever since the Monroe doctrine was announced in 1823, america has proclaimed its intention to keep outsiders away from its own hemisphere.

23.the noncolonization principle of the Monroe doctrine implied that the united states intended to extend its business interests and establish its hegemony in the america continent;

24.indeed, in an effort to underline the idea that america now genuinely repudiates the idea of spheres of influence, john kerry, the us secretary of state, even declared last year that the era of the Monroe doctrine is dead. recently reveal a surprising extension of his Monroe doctrine.