Monotype Sentence Examples | Use Monotype in a sentence

1.thinking on medical mode of price fixing to the Monotype disease

2.through former phase pursuit, the research of Monotype wheat pneumatic precision seeder has manufactured precise drill and the first generation wheat precise seeder.

3.caloric calculation of Monotype evaporator and margin calculation of diathermanous average temperature

4.Monotype imaging announces access and delivery of scalable fonts and text rendering technologies to qualcomm's brew developers

5.keyboard unit for Monotype, linotype or intertype machines

6.Monotype machine for casting and setting printing type

7.a Monotype is an image taken from a flat plate that is painted, rolled or itself, printed with ink.

8.single-path diagonal-beam flowmeter Monotype unit system

9.first, the characteristic of virtual prototyping technology is introduced, and the necessity of analyze Monotype sugarcane harvester in using of virtual prototyping technology is discussed.

10.etiologic analysis of 104 patients with increased Monotype immunoglobulin

11.according to basin's evolutional history and structural features, the sedimentary basins in china can be divided into Monotype and superimposed type basins.

12.nouelia franchet is a Monotype genus of compositae.

13.every stage has some quality appraising Monotype, and every Monotype analysis its influence on relevant stage from two aspects of standard and appraisal. these Monotypes jointly make up the appraising standard system of auditing quality.

14.the prototypes of the Monotype basins can further be divided into craton basins, extensional basins and compressional basins.

15.application of Monotype programmable controller in the electrode regulator of ladle furnace

16.notably, times new roman, as morison made it, did not contain a true italic, but one that was an in-house standard at Monotype.

17.Monotype: proprietary name for Monotype's hot-metal type-casting machine which assembles characters individually rather than line-by-line.

18.from Monotype teacher to comprehensive one.

19.the method's research of kinematics kinetic and dynamic educational analysis in virtual prototyping of Monotype sugarcane harvester is brought forward.