Monotonous Sentence Examples | Use Monotonous in a sentence's Monotonous work, like most factory jobs will not lost patience even with Monotonous work and endless time. this paper, new concepts of random forced operator and random powerful Monotonous operator are introduced. will not only break the Monotonous traditional horizontal layout forms, but also enriched space level.

5.the food may get a bit Monotonous, but there'll be enough of it.

6.she thought life in the small town was Monotonous.

7.many things i have to do are repetitive and Monotonous.

8.his Monotonous voice would spoil any poem.

9.take a break from your Monotonous routine.

10.though my daily life is extremely Monotonous, i try hard to adapt myself to it.

11.sasa and share with you: you can use lights decorate the Monotonous corridor.

12.i found the work Monotonous. on the production line is Monotonous and lacks variety.

14.i used to another kind of quiet, Monotonous and lonely, such as rental housing, and the moonlight.

15.but i dislike work that is Monotonous, always the same from day to day.

16.uttered in a Monotonous cadence or rhythm as in chanting.

17.government officials accused of bribery and corruption get off the hook with Monotonous regularity

18.our article submitter can do all of the manual and Monotonous jobs for you. a few person eyes, the physics is like that Monotonous , like that difficult to comprehend , what "beauty " but the word does that have?

20.simon wheeler backed me into a corner and blockaded me there with his chair, and then sat down and reeled off the Monotonous narrative.

21.he keeps morning exercises with Monotonous regularity.

22.his articles are fixed in form and Monotonous in content.

23.though impressive in size, most of these urban developments are rather Monotonous and relying on external resources.

24.sometimes, the work can be a little Monotonous, but most of time i enjoy it.

25.after listening to him for two hours, his Monotonous voice began to pall on me.

26.the caller would no longer just hear the Monotonous ring tone or a simple song or music but able to see the personalized video playback.

27.two people seem to love some Monotonous, so few people always emotional entanglement, as if such love only interesting, love is considered.

28.if you forced me to give a negative, then i would have to say that the food got Monotonous after two weeks. not know how, and this evening to start a bit Monotonous, and think a lot, a lot of memories!

30.person's life, does not enjoy the taste of Monotonous, not only sweet, not bitter;

31.there was no simple Monotonous effects of the current density and temperature on the rate and degree of the semiconduction of the ferrite.

32.try to vary that melody. it is so Monotonous.

33.the computer can be Monotonous, routine tasks instead of people, but they are not far-invasive;

34.such life is also actually Monotonous, but i, have me to evade the Monotonous life the means.

35.wise managers in school should be able to understand this feeling and not restrict the colorful thinking with Monotonous uniform.

36.a regular and Monotonous rising and falling intonation.

37.leisure activities are single, elderly leisure life is Monotonous. for most elderly people, the children are not the focus.

38.the poor grammar, unconventional double negatives and Monotonous sentential patterns form the typical features of gumps language. go to one place only would be Monotonous.

40.small children tire quickly when things become Monotonous and need to be able to spend a good deal of time just playing.