Monosyllable Sentence Examples | Use Monosyllable in a sentence

1.the paper holds that the reason for the asymmetric phenomenon of verbal antonyms of Monosyllable in the lexical level is the influence of morphological collocation rules and the combination of morpheme and meaning.

2.selective mechanism of combination of Monosyllable adjectives and nouns

3.the research of this subject-study made into the Monosyllable-word-series belongs to the domain of the history of chinese vocabulary.

4.the pitch of Monosyllable word mainly includes two kinds, that is, falling tone and level tone.

5.the third chapter presents the study on hengyang Monosyllable tone from both the pitch perspective and the durational perspective. terms of word formation, it involved the transformation of Monosyllable to disyllable words, with more compounds and modified compounds. the features of the chinese adverb, the polysyllable and Monosyllable phrases have different functions. however, in past adverb research, people have neglected the genre conditionality principle. short, no way is open to the thought by a philosophy which makes all end in the Monosyllable, no.

9.from the view of the characteristic of verb's syllables, the verb may be Monosyllable, it also bisyllable.

10.the emergence of abnormal order of chinese compound words is the inevitable result of the development from Monosyllable to disyllable in chinese vocabulary. it is that chinese rhythm demands and common morpheme meaning form the supporting conditions, and that the rich dialects offer the existing ground.

11.taking Monosyllable as the basic form and loading semantics upon it is the most basic characteristic of chinese speech. for the syllable structure, the Monosyllable note conjunctions are 36, count 4344 examples. double syllable conjunctions are 92, count 2742 examples. three syllable conjunctions are 3, count 9 examples.

13.test-retest reliability study in hearing loss group of 18 mandarin Monosyllable lists with equivalency in audibility

14.we hope that can quite three-dimensional obtain the reasonable proof Monosyllable adjective dynamic result.

15.first, we will conform to the condition Monosyllable note verb to look.

16.some Monosyllable orientation morphemes can not be used to make up of orientation phrases.

17.mandarin Monosyllable short lists: test-retest reliability study on normal-hearing subjects living in beijing

18.a taciturn man, he replied to my questions in Monosyllables.

19.we think the Monosyllable word is the same as polysyllabic word, and the Monosyllable word can also decompose some morphemes.

20.she grinned as she repeated and dwelt upon the fatal Monosyllable, with the emphasis of a vindictive fiend.

21.liheci is a kind of intermediate state that chinese word is evolved from the Monosyllable to the compound state.

22.the change of the system of Monosyllable includes the change of the system of synonym and antonym.

23.this article studies the subject is in modern chinese the dynamic of Monosyllable dynamic adjective.

24.development and equivalence evaluation of Monosyllable lists of mandarin speech test materials

25.since boo is a Monosyllable, it can also be said very quickly, which may add to its scariness.

26.performance-intensity function of mandarin Monosyllable and sentence materials for normal-hearing subjects; the effect of word learning age in primary school children s visual chinese character recognition ( ii);

27.only in the case of minnan region are there as many Monosyllable words as disyllable words, while there are few trisyllable words.

28.the word "Monosyllable" actually has five syllables in it. recent 20 years, the research of common words is given more and more consideration. but many researchers focused on notional word, and the researches of functional word were restricted in the Monosyllable. the lexical level, verbal antonyms of Monosyllable is asymmetric due to the influences of syntactic functions, verb-object collocation, verb complement collocation, as well as the impact of sentence pattern. among them, the sentence pattern is the greatest one.

31.chapter four discusses selective mechanism of Monosyllable adjectives and noun phrases from the perspectives of syntax 、 semantics and pragmatics.

32.a laboratory test is carried out to study the relationship between the clarity of mandarin Monosyllable and sti-pa caused only by reverberation.

33.the basic chinese word is Monosyllable which consists of a consonant and a vowel. there are about 402 such units. english a noun may be preceded by a Monosyllable called an article. of the common features is that their original words are mostly of Monosyllable.

36.on the grammaticalization mechanism of the Monosyllable modal adverbs