Monosyllabic Sentence Examples | Use Monosyllabic in a sentence seems loaded with a Monosyllabic distaste, which was redoubled by the strange use of the uppercase.

2.research on the antonym system of the Monosyllabic adjective words in shang jun shu

3.the chinese language vocabulary transfers the Monosyllabic words first to the disyllabic and polysyllabic words first.

4.only peripheral members of a semantic field could be morphemized, and the mophemized Monosyllabic word should express generalized meaning.

5.the book of songs mainly strengthens the ability of chinese to express sounds by way of the rhymes, disyllabic words, sound connection of Monosyllabic words and tones.

6.a study on iconicity between sounds and meanings of Monosyllabic acronyms in modern chinese

7.some Monosyllabic nouns can be reduplicated to express the meaning of " every" .

8.a study on Monosyllabic localizers in modern chinese from the perspective of grammaticalization

9.stress is a relative notion; only words with two or more syllable can be said to have word stress, and Monosyllabic words ( words of only one syllable), can not be said to have word stress.

10.through the method of contrastive study of experimental acoustics, this paper describes the regular pattern of chinese Monosyllabic tone used by kazakh for the purpose of improving chinese teaching.

11.he would give only Monosyllabic replies, such as "yes" and "no". the information and advice are boiled down to bare essentials.

12.with the development of society and language itself, the lexical meanings of these Monosyllabic adjectives have changed greatly.

13.Monosyllabic noun is partially monosemy, but Monosyllabic adjective and verb are mostly polysemy.

14.resultatives are very common in chinese and almost all Monosyllabic verbs denoting actions and Monosyllabic adjectives denoting state changes can be resultatives.

15.his name is synonymous with mandopop in the 21st century. a study on iconicity between sounds and meanings of Monosyllabic acronyms in modern chinese

16.he was shy and Monosyllabic.

17.a study about distinguishing the non-same morpheme double sound compoud synonym in the classroom; a study on the 10 pairs of synonymous Monosyllabic and disyllabic verbs in hsk word list

18.application of phonetic theories in compilation of short mandarin Monosyllabic word list

19.a certain connection has been detected between the sounds and meanings of Monosyllabic acronyms in modern chinese.

20.he could be gruff and Monosyllabic.

21.but the finn, whose love of partying is as well-documented as his Monosyllabic approach to the media, said he will remain the same person.

22.a Monosyllabic exclamation may get someone's attention but will not otherwise do much for human communication!

23.complementarities of mutually corresponding Monosyllabic prepositions and compound prepositions.

24.two experiments were designed to explore the influences of word frequency and accumulative frequency ( sum of word frequency and morpheme frequency) on Monosyllabic words recognition.

25.the second chapter of Monosyllabic words, Monosyllabic words of the profile and distribution of parts of speech.

26.chinese is one of typical isolated languages and is based on Monosyllabic morpheme.

27.keep sentences short. short words are better than long words. Monosyllabic words are best. wei is dancing in a Monosyllabic way.

29.perhaps jeff vandermeer was reacting against the trend towards length when he penned the Monosyllabic beauty of finch?

30.tibetan Monosyllabic verbs 'form changes and the statistics of types

31.this paper, based on the text of zhanguoce, have an research on synonym of Monosyllabic notional words in zhanguoce, including the conclusion and the disvrimination of them.

32.some Monosyllabic nouns can be reduplicated to express the meaning of "every".

33.a Monosyllabic answer, particularly when delivered in a clipped tone, is her way of shutting you down.

34.firstly, we divided Monosyllabic adverb reduplication into typical members and atypical members.

35.Monosyllabic words in want of form, very important language best fit the existence of transformation.

36.i smiled: "i well remember the name, Monosyllabic, an unseen character. after marquis also invited a lot of attention. " cheap wow gold. selling point that any parent of a Monosyllabic teenager will appreciate is the amount of information they will receive.

38.the second chapter of the "shang jun shu" concerning the Monosyllabic adjective words's antonymous relations inspection is the main body.