Monopolizing Sentence Examples | Use Monopolizing in a sentence id also suggested that "anti-monopoly law" also provides a legal base to break foreign enterprises Monopolizing our core components.

2.the party exercises leadership by providing political principles, not by Monopolizing everything, interfering in everything or placing party power above everything else.

3.public transportation belongs to a "crowded" public product with natural Monopolizing and externality. has become a typical state monopoly group because of its lifeline role in national economy and its natural Monopolizing characteristic.

5.then, it analysed the development of foreign cruise companies through purchasing but chinese ones by Monopolizing cruise routes.

6.they are controlling so much cocoa that they are virtually Monopolizing the market

7.the patentee's act of exercising the patent rights is determined as a Monopolizing act and it is to eliminate or reduce the adverse consequences of the said act on competition.

8.this text provides price comparison model in the light of Monopolizing enterprises 'implementation of price discrimination. cite some examples, strengthening party leadership is interpreted as the party's Monopolizing and interfering in everything.

10.without a state Monopolizing the industry, in free-market anarchy private judges would offer their services.

11.a Monopolizing enterprise can control a market and get superprofit by taking price discrimination.

12.the retail electricity of a Monopolizing distribution company still have to be regulated after the real-time price ( rtp) is utilized in the retail electricity market since the market is monopolized.

13.the gold enterprise is produces and processes the high value product the enterprise, its production operation has the relative closeness and the common Monopolizing characteristic.

14.while a servlet holds a persistent request in a waiting state, that servlet is Monopolizing a thread.

15.philosophy is not mysterious Monopolizing knowledge, but an open explicit activity.

16.united states antitrust legislation prohibits corporations from dominating or Monopolizing an industry.

17.efficient measures shall be adopted by a listed company to prevent its connected parties from interfering with the operation of the company and damaging the company's interests by Monopolizing purchase or sales channels. know how young girls are, "she said, just as she apologized for her daughters Monopolizing the bathroom: " you know how young girls are.

19.lane was speaking now as someone does who has been Monopolizing conversation for a good quarter of an hour or so and who believes he has just hit a stride where his voice can do absolutely no wrong.

20.from control right seeking to earning right Monopolizing: the changed way of property rights of sino-foreign joint ventures in general; the selection of the route weight for optimum path algorithm in the transportation network

21.the market of telecommunication has gone through a course from Monopolizing to the competition too.

22.the target of anti_monopoly law should be to contain Monopolizing behavior and various restrictive practices.

23.she complained he was Monopolizing the lift.

24."real estate enterprises can't form the monopoly position, but the brand will form the advantage of Monopolizing".

25.this kind of strict has decided the gold production common Monopolizing characteristic.

26.the natural monopoly refers to the monopoly that the operator causes to the Monopolizing of limited resources.

27.extending of illegal absorbing deposit of the public leads to enforcement of Monopolizing of banking institution.

28.but by Monopolizing property rights, the state also interfered with productivity and made everyone poor.

29.substantially, american policy, on the one hand, supported japan to prevent russia from Monopolizing north? eastern china, on the other hand, made japanese satisfy to keep its profits in south? western pacific area and increase it's profits in china.

30.a country overpowers individuals by Monopolizing social resources and rigid system of restricting identity.

31.the development of Monopolizing capitalism demanded aggression and expansion urgently.

32.spyware can slow your system by interfering with your browser and Monopolizing your internet connection.

33.during this analysis you could determine which processes are most active and which programs or threads, if any, are Monopolizing a resource.

34.the idea that one can do anything in a knowledge-based economy by just Monopolizing knowledge, is a naive, even dangerous one.

35.the massive administrations Monopolizing the economy and the society development have brought enormous harm.

36.the extent of Monopolizing is high, the profit is low.

37.the Monopolizing-tea law is one kind of the Monopolizing laws, which originated in tang dynasty and flourished in song dynasty. a result, ticket scalpers have proliferated, Monopolizing a large quantity of tickets by either hiring people to buy tickets or conspiring with the ticket sellers within the railway stations.

39.a long speech made by one person, often Monopolizing a conversation.