Monopolized Sentence Examples | Use Monopolized in a sentence they want to convert the whole of china from a semi- colony shared by several imperialist powers into a colony Monopolized by japan . a Monopolized industry, salt industry has always been a special trade stressed by the central governments throughout chinese history.

3.only a decade ago, china's market was Monopolized by state-owned enterprises. there was neither pressure nor competition.

4.the company Monopolized the fast food industry in this area.

5.desirable housing Monopolized by the wealthy; this context, the vision element is largely promoted in the visual art area and Monopolized the space of artistic presentation which caused vision monopoly;

7.but knowledge is a kind of social resource, it is unable to be Monopolized by enterprises.

8.the monstrous monarch Monopolized monarchy.

9.another focus in the regulations is to curb on high wage of Monopolized industry.

10.since some key technologies were Monopolized by japan and united states, high-quality membrane used in the domestic lithium battery manufacturers almost depend on imports.

11.various tribunals ultimately found that microsoft illegally Monopolized the major market for pc operating systems.

12.thus, the land market becomes Monopolized, or one that is under the collective control of some big names. now most people know the oil industry is heavily Monopolized and is dominated by the rockefellers.

14.that's because the major brands have long ago Monopolized shelf space in grocery stores and other major retail outlets.

15.a great number of people who managed internal and external trade were hui people who even Monopolized some of trade. shouldn't have Monopolized professor caldwell that way.

17.industrial basis of ancient chinese science: specially Monopolized industry and commerce

18.hitherto, the money markets were Monopolized by the few and used to keep the people in debt, and that will all change.

19.when people believe that the german market would be Monopolized by the time peter's wife, the photo on the middle-aged couple has created a new miracle!

20.the company Monopolized the market.

21.too often those who failed in their duty have Monopolized the headlines and distorted the image of their generation.

22.the other is the transformation of a market economy state-run Monopolized electric power industry into competitive electric power industry.

23.Monopolized high price in technology trade and its legal regulation& from the angle of standard patent's admission

24.however, it would be regulated by the anti-monopoly law if the natural Monopolized industry abuses its superiority to restrict competition.

25.a contrast is often made between business, which is competitive, and government, which is Monopolized.

26.railway, civil aviation, communications and public utilities sectors that are Monopolized by the state.

27.humans have Monopolized nearly all of the world's natural resources. Monopolized sectors are typically service oriented, such reform would channel more investment into environmental-friendly business, and help to contain pollution.

29.johnson, as usual, Monopolized the conversation.

30.the chain store almost Monopolized the market and soon had many retailers on the ropes.

31.any Monopolized activities which impair fair competition can be curbed by such a law. is the natural and professional monopolies that characterize the dual functions of china ′ s electric power industry, which yield an enormous sum of Monopolized rents.

33.she Monopolized the visitors and we didn't have time to meet them.

34.her heart having a warm side to it, augustine had Monopolized a large share of it for himself.

35.competition situation of daily chemical Monopolized store in fujian market child Monopolized the teacher's attention.

37.government regulation reform of natural Monopolized state-owned enterprises

38.the new smugglers Monopolized all their commodity. one piece of chocolate, a banana, one minute phone calls, one dollar each.