Molder Sentence Examples | Use Molder in a sentence

1.follow up new Molder machining process and solve all issues on site.

2.if you want to be a draftsman, a machinist, a Molder , or a patternmaker, you'll need algebra and geometry and even trigonometry.

3.current situation of hot-runner Molder of hot valve gate spear system in foreign countries is important to keep in mind that a Molder who is making money, is a Molder who'll be in business when you need him.

5.present situation and prospect of fully electric injection Molder

6.Molder is to crumble to dust:

7.the Molder must recognize the dangers of excessive fill speed, insufficient injection pressure, excessive melt temperature, and inadequate packing. the corner table facing the door, thomas would Molder, collecting stories and picking up colloquialisms.

9.and the applications and economic benefits of the Molder were analysed. language is not the Molder of language pattern, but the user of standard language.

11.gradually.10 has been passing away, we have been transferring amatory information as before, but the wing that i give you has also been becoming to Molder.

12.penn state forever, Molder of men and women

13.the structure design, operating principle of the sj z10 3a automatic hollow Molder was introduced as well as the main specification and design characteristics of its extruding system, microprecessor controlled parison system, hollow molding system, cutting system and blow molding machine in the paper. this paper the on-line real-time detecting system of Molder surface temperature of continuous casting is designed.

15.application of hydraulic joint-action system in multi-jack moving Molder construction

16.the on-line real-time detecting system of Molder surface temperature of continuous casting machine

17.Molder is to crumble to dust: Molder