Moaned Sentence Examples | Use Moaned in a sentence

1.the girl Moaned a little and went into a coma.

2.the sick child Moaned a little, and then fell asleep.

3.a few paces away, another man, recently paralyzed on his left side after a stroke, Moaned a lament he alone could comprehend.

4.the woman Moaned faintly but made no intelligible response.

5.'don't you understand?' i Moaned, sinking dramatically to my knees. was also interesting to hear how confident he was to start the race while the red bull drivers Moaned.

7.but the scientists Moaned in misery; it had failed!

8.he Moaned with pain before losing consciousness.

9."if i don't start spending time with the children's parents, i'll be chasing butterflies soon, " the kindergarten teacher Moaned.

10.she wept and Moaned that her husband had abandoned her.

11.tiller Moaned and managed to croak, 'help me.'

12.tony Moaned in his sleep and then turned over on his side

13.karen Moaned, went limp, and rolled into the water.

14.she Moaned as a sharp pebble cut into her blistered foot.

15.she looked up at the calendar and Moaned: it was spring break.

16.the sick man Moaned in his sleep.

17.'my head, my head,' he Moaned. 'i can't see.' green activists Moaned, the g20 summit in london risked neglecting climate at the expense of economics.

19.he Moaned about his misfortunes to anyone who would listen.

20.she slid the knife across her wrist. she Moaned as she saw her own blood running down her arm. . . her eyes were blurry with tears.

21.i Moaned all the time about it, but i could not disobey.

22."i'm so stiff i can't move," she Moaned.

23.she Moaned softly as he bouched her.

24.she Moaned and croaked over sailors, and sea-port towns, and stormy weather.

25.but eventually she stiffened a little and Moaned, and he realized that he was bruising her.

26."that's usually what happens to dreams when they end." i Moaned.

27.aaron's stomach Moaned as usual.

28.'oh, my god,' korontzis Moaned

29.hermione Moaned with relief, wove out from under the cloak, and sat down on a wobble-legged chair.

30.the boy Moaned quietly and smiled in his sleep.

31.jennifer Moaned, got up, and walked into the bathroom.

32.the man Moaned, writhed a little, and his face came into the moonlight. it was muff potter.

33.'i'm a real intellectual-type guy, tracy,' james joked. 'oh, give me a break,' tracy Moaned.

34.but she was all bewildered, she sighed, and Moaned, and knew nobody.

35.the sick woman Moaned.

36.facer Moaned out a sound and then closed his eyes.

37.the wounded man Moaned ceaselessly.

38.his wife stared at the door and Moaned slightly. "steady, girl, " he said, evenly. the children looked at him, frightened, puzzled.