Moan Sentence Examples | Use Moan in a sentence

1.the pain grew in intensity. he gave a loud Moan and vomited all over the floor.

2.meg Moans, 'i hated it!'

3.we had a good Moan about the weather.

4.he gave a slight Moan and with that he died.

5.he sank back with a Moan of pain.

6.the woman gave a loud Moan.

7.she let out a low Moan of anguish.

8.a Moan escaped the man.

9.the gardener was Moaning that he had another garden to do later that morning.

10.don't Moan and groan because of a little setback.

11.'my head, my head,' he Moaned. 'i can't see.'

12.he and his wife waited anxiously look for everywhere, fangyuan kilometers have left their tore heart crack lung between the Moan of.

13.i guess she had a big Moan about your boss again.

14.then suddenly she gave a low, choking Moan and began to tremble violently

15.although in a special holiday like today single people do not celebrate but Moan for their own single, hoping can get out of it asap. can go see him and have a good old Moan.

17.the man fell down, and let out an almost inaudible Moan.

18.suddenly he began to Moan in his sleep.

19.he cups his hands over his mouth, draws a breath, and makes a low, lonesome Moan that rises to a fierce cry.

20.he could not possibly have endured a whipping without a Moan or a whimper.

21.they have been listening to people's gripes, Moans and praise. have brilliantly managed to identify all the petty-minded whingers who do nothing but Moan all day. the lamplight, the withered leaves collect at my feet, and the wind begins to Moan. hear her call her child, and raise her head and listen a whole minute at a time, then lay it wearily down again with a Moan.

25.they hear faint Moan.

26.if you think after three years, that i always Moan, always make excuses and always complain, then there is nothing i can do about that.

27.but now when i see my female friends we Moan as much as we always did.

28.they Moan on a lot about money will no doubt begin to Moan, groan and whimper.

30.i used to Moan if i didn't get at least six hours 'sleep at night.

31.but he changed his and decided that he had been too hard on her. maybe that groan had been a Moan after all?

32.oh baby can you hear me Moan?

33.he let out this long ululating Moan.

34.from time to time there was a Moan of pain from the sick man.

35.there was a Moan of pain from the injured man.

36.the fear of his own death overcame him and he began to Moan again.

37.i laugh too, but i Moan too.

38.tony Moaned in his sleep and then turned over on his side is outrageous that people doing well-paid jobs should Moan about how badly off they are.

40.of course, companies always Moan that investors and analysts do not "get it".