Mistral Sentence Examples | Use Mistral in a sentence

1.uk diplomats have tried to tailor an arms embargo to affect only future contracts, so as to win french support, but the Mistral sale has come under intense criticism in washington.

2.the Mistral is a mighty, 199-metre-long vessel that carries tanks and helicopters, and can conduct and manage amphibious landings.

3.shutters and balconies on building on quai frederic Mistral.

4.the saint-nazaire shipyard, which builds the Mistral class, is in trouble.

5.in the end however, it was via the delicate art of poetry that gabriela Mistral made her most indelible and substantive mark.

6.objective to evaluate the effect of left ventricular function after Mistral valve replacement with preservation of the posterior leaflet by ultrasonography.

7.an area of choppy water, as on an ocean. international Mistral class world championship

8.vessel is armed with two simbad launchers for Mistral surface-to-air missiles, two30-mm breda-mauser guns and412.7 mm m2-hb browning machine guns.

9.suddenly he felt the fresh and sharp night air, and dant è s knew that the Mistral was blowing.

10.yet it is slightly pickier than rivals over whom to sell to (nothing like france's sale of Mistral ships to russia).

11.this despite interest from private equity firms Mistral equity partners and emerisque brands, the latter of which has reportedly promised to maintain the status quo in terms of both employees and us manufacturing, according to a public letter from a current employee.

12.frederic Mistral, born not far from arles, devoted his life to literature and provence.

13.the Mistral warship can carry 16 heavy helicopters, landing-craft and troops and can also act as a command and control vessel.

14.conclusions Mistral valve replacement with preservation of the posterior leaflet is beneficial to left ventricular function after operation.

15.as a teacher in decades when chile was in dire need of education reform, Mistral was a pioneer and vital leader for change.

16.frederic Mistral is to provence what robert burns is to scotland, an iconic national poet who wrote in the local language-in this case proven ? al.

17.variation and extension of love& comparability of the literature and life world of bing xin and gabriela Mistral

18.the procurement contract for two ships of the Mistral-class is to be signed by year-end.

19.all that is needed is the loan to Mistral's museum of a van gogh painting, created while he was in arles.

20.the possible sale by france to russia of up to four Mistral-class assault ships, at up to $750m each, is stoking fear and mistrust.

21.russian and french officials have confirmed russia is in talks to buy a Mistral ship along with a license to produce at least four others.

22.i saw him, the sea gray under the Mistral and foam-flecked, watching the vanishing coast of france, which he was destined never to see again;