mistimed Sentence Examples | Use mistimed in a sentence

1.the general mistimed the attack, which should have been made an hour earlier.

2.hsbc was profitable in every region except the us, where it posted an underlying loss of about$ 80m stemming from the continued clean-up of its mistimed expansion into consumer credit.

3.vibration characteristics of a well-modeled mistimed bladed disk

4.they mistimed the war by three years.

5.unfortunately, this sudden conversion to the merits of an industrial economy was mistimed.

6.we looked at it carefully and we saw that it was just a mistimed tackle.

7.but investors fear the ecb has mistimed the moment to act and the region is slipping into a deflationary spiral, sapping growth and increasing debt burdens.

8.the basketball team mistimed the final play and lost the game.

9.chronic medical conditions can complicate maternal and fetal health during pregnancy, making unintended or mistimed pregnancy problematic.

10.a mistimed remark, comment, etc couch criticisms in tactful language

11.he had mistimed his operations.

12.its withdrawal, if mistimed, would pose fresh dangers for the global economy, and with it for trade.

13.the defender and his stoke colleagues are adamant that a genuine attempt to win the ball proved mistimed rather than malicious.

14.she mistimed the marathon runner. marathons are about patience, including before the starting line.

15.the government's intervention was badly mistimed.

16.the changes also impact how you might approach the defensive side of the game, as you're more likely to be punished by a mistimed challenge.