Misapprehension Sentence Examples | Use Misapprehension in a sentence

1.the charges are partly due to Misapprehension, and in part also to that race hatred from which western nations are by no means free.

2.as the swift development of computer international mutual network, there is a Misapprehension to the electronic commerce, which thinks that the essential of the electronic commerce is to reduce the number of exchange agencies.

3.non-disease exists when a patient is under the Misapprehension that disease is present.

4.she was under the Misapprehension that this was a surprise birthday party for her.

5.because of the relative informality of provisional applications many inventors are under the Misapprehension that any idea or a concept can somehow be protected.

6.he was a very timid man who laboured under the constant Misapprehension that nobody liked him.

7.i was anxious that there should be no Misapprehension.

8.he is under the Misapprehension that he can do what he chooses.

9.some people are under the Misapprehension that all politicians stink.

10.according to this interpretation the well-known conflicts between religion and science in the past must all be ascribed to a Misapprehension of the situation which has been described.

11.according to a recent poll, the average american is under the Misapprehension that about 25% of the budget goes on foreign aid.

12.i wouldn't want so charming a little patriot to be left under a Misapprehension about my contribution to the confederate cause.

13.we were by now under no Misapprehension about the extent of the problem.

14.i thought you wanted to see me but i was clearly under a complete Misapprehension.

15.many europeans may also be labouring under a second Misapprehension.

16.you're operating under a huge Misapprehension and we have to tell you about our first case together.

17.Misapprehension of the conception of "system of politics"

18.men still appear to be labouring under the Misapprehension that women want hairy, muscular men

19.while economists spend a great deal of time trying to correct the Misapprehension that countries compete with each other in the same way that companies do, philippine businesses still have to spend much time searching for somewhere they have a relative advantage.

20.the rest of us are falling for the most common Misapprehension of mid-career crisis - which is to think this is the beginning of the end.

21.however the effect of erp implementation in chinese enterprises seems not good. there are so many unsuccessful cases that the enterprises, which are going to implement erp or have been implementing erp, have some Misapprehension about erp and are perplexed in front of erp.

22.the author expounds these three kinds of Misapprehension and clarifies some concepts about criminal essence.

23.she could not attribute such behaviour to mistake or Misapprehension of any kind.

24.i think, miss marple, that you are under a slight Misapprehension, began mr. petherick.

25.to expose this Misapprehension, would be to repeat what has been said in the introductory chapter.

26.there are three kinds of Misapprehension in the realization of criminal essence by chinese criminal law experts: the first, they consider the divergence of the theory of criminal essence is between "harm to society" and "harm to legal interest";

27.to expose this Misapprehension , would be to repeat what has been said in the introductory chapter.

28.ther were under the Misapprehension that they would be paid.

29.international tourism allows people with different racial and political background to understand each other so that they could remove the mutual Misapprehension and prejudice.

30.on rereading your letter it seems to us that you are laboring under the Misapprehension that we pay for unsolicited manuscripts.

31.the advantage and Misapprehension of high resolution seismic

32.to avoid Misapprehension , i am going to ask all of you to repeat the instructions i have given .

33.on whether the criticism of apriorism will lead to empiricism& also on james's Misapprehension of peirce's philosophy

34.i was under the Misapprehension that he was dead.

35.most industrialists labour under a Misapprehension that uvrestrained economic growth can be achieved without damaging the environment.