minutes Sentence Examples | Use minutes in a sentence

1.the earthquake continued for about two minutes.

2.i shall not keep you more than a few minutes.

3.within a few minutes the winds increased to a howling storm that threatebed to blow me and my tent away, but none of that happened.

4.the calming effect seemed to last for about ten minutes

5.how can you effectively capture attention, present your topic, establish credibility, and preview your major points in just a few minutes?

6.do you mind waiting for ten minutes?

7.she recorded a time of two minutes 8.74 seconds.

8.he and the others in the aerobic group walked the track for about 40 minutes three times a week for a year.

9.the sage thanked him for his frankness and looked around the house for a few minutes before they continued to walk ahead.

10.within minutes of my arrival, i watched two of them fight over who got to be the first to kiss a photograph of qaddafi in the newspaper.

11.he drowned after 30 minutes in the rough seas

12.the jet arrived in johannesburg two minutes ahead of schedule

13.i suffered a black-out which lasted for several minutes.

14.for a few minutes she sat on her bed watching the clock

15.five minutes after screaming at me, the same coach, to his credit, walked round the touchline and apologised unreservedly.

16.for a few brief minutes we forgot the anxiety and anguish.

17.the race was restarted after a break of around 20 minutes

18.i was two minutes too late for my train.

19.the plane landed ten minutes ago.

20.i'll pick up on what i said a couple of minutes ago.

21.i've got to rush. got a meeting in a few minutes

22.i had it all explained to me in two minutes flat.

23.after about 10 minutes the riot police arrived.

24.it usually takes just a few minutes to receive this email, but occasionally internet congestion can delay email for hours.

25.she embroidered on this theme for about ten minutes.

26.i managed to walk around unchallenged for 10 minutes before an alert nurse spotted me.

27.two minutes later the phone rang

28.a few minutes later three paramedics arrived and examined her. she did not need hospital treatment.

29.it took him all of 41 minutes to score his first goal

30.as long as you get to bed on time, waking up 30 minutes earlier should seem natural after just a few days.

31.today i unearthed a copy of '90 minutes' and had a chuckle at your article.

32.i will call to see you this evening even though i can only stay for a few minutes.