Ministering Sentence Examples | Use Ministering in a sentence

1.are they not all Ministering spirits, sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?

2.i spent the most part of the morning Ministering to my sick husband.

3.he snuck around the camp, Ministering to other prisoners.

4.i was at the base of the building with the priest Ministering to the injured and devastated souls. he heard my voice and answered. imitating jesus in Ministering to our neighbors, we build our lives with bricks, timber, and mortar that are from god and will last forever.

6.the bells and pomegranates alternated around the hem of the robe to be worn for Ministering, as the lord commanded moses.

7.essays on the isolation, pain and heroics that come with Ministering to loved ones.

8.with the development of socialization, stockholder-oriented standard is replaced by society-oriented standard in Ministering company construction.

9.anytime you're using your talents and gifts to help others you're Ministering.

10.are not all angels Ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

11.a Ministering angel; the angels ministrant sang; the attending physician.

12.the morphine dependent model of male rats was made by subcutaneous injection adMinistering morphine and the abstinent model was made by injection lateral ventricle ( ivc) Ministering urapidil.

13.anne had spent her life Ministering to the needs of her husband.

14.4 are they not all Ministering spirits, sent forth for service for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

15.each one, as he has received a gift, Ministering it among yourselves as good stewards of the varied grace of god.

16.these divisions of the gatekeepers, through their chief men, had duties for Ministering in the temple of the lord, just as their relatives had.

17.estimate the investment fund development from the supervising and ad-Ministering perspective. is quite likely that jesus spent that first year, after the temptations, Ministering in judea.

19.but my teaching at a certain form of Ministering therefore is a kind of vocation, a kind of calling.

20.when qawasmeh isn't taking care of the girls at school, she is Ministering to her own six children at home.

21.they are to take all the articles used for Ministering in the sanctuary, wrap them in a blue cloth, cover that with hides of sea cows and put them on a carrying frame.

22.well, yes-oh, you would intimate that her spirit has taken the post of Ministering angel, and guards the fortunes of wuthering heights, even when her body is gone.

23.and the woven garments worn for Ministering in the sanctuary, both the sacred garments for aaron the priest and the garments for his sons when serving as priests.

24.upon the second day of Ministering, a spiritual battle broke out against me as the enemy tried to disrupt my thoughts

25.if you are a christian, you are a minister, and when you're serving, you're Ministering.

26.the answer is found in his covenants, which offer life, preservation, a land of promise, a glorious people, a Ministering priest, a righteous king, and an atoning lamb.

27.the man who shows contempt for the judge or for the priest who stands Ministering there to the lord your god must be put to death.

28.and certain of them had the charge of the Ministering vessels, that they should bring them in and out by tale. order to grow into maturity we need to enjoy such a god-Ministering christ that we may participate in the riches of the divine element.

30.any time spent criticizing others is time that could be spent Ministering.

31.he had a blessed opportunity of being god's almoner, but he thought only of Ministering to his own comfort.

32.we build our marriages with endless friendship, confidence, and integrity and also by Ministering to and sustaining each other in our difficulties.

33.but samuel was Ministering before the lord& a boy wearing a linen ephod.

34.pastor hsu relocated to the bay area and joined lord's grace christian church pastoral team, Ministering primarily to the mandarin congregation in2004.

35.these two bright orbs are wedded in thy love, conjoined in servitude to thy holy threshold, united in Ministering to thy cause.

36.but those whom christ commends know not that they have been Ministering unto him.

37.that i should be the minister of jesus christ to the gentiles, Ministering the gospel of god, that the offering up of the gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the holy ghost.