Meniscus Sentence Examples | Use Meniscus in a sentence

1.he said he and the team used reports of other injuries to mask the severity of his torn Meniscus .

2.objective: to observe the long-term effects of Meniscus allograft transplantation by different methods.

3.the chelsea left-back went under the knife on tuesday after opting not to wait until the end of the season to repair a tear in his Meniscus. expose the posterior horn of the lateral Meniscus, locate the origin of the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle on the posterior surface of the lateral femoral condyle.

5.histological changes of degenerated lateral Meniscus after anterior cruciate ligament rupture in rabbits

6.mat is associated with frequent complications, including tears of the transplanted Meniscus, displacement, or arthrofibrosis.

7.Meniscus: the thin rim at the edge where the wine meets the glass. provide donor selection scheme of homogeneity variant Meniscus transplantation to approach early-stage intervention measure.

9.whether cartilage or Meniscus, is not easy regeneration organizations that muscles can not grow back quickly, so do have the awareness of early prevention.

10.the posterior horn of the medial Meniscus was avulsed from its insertion and knees were retested.

11.cartilage and Meniscus in particular in the movement, is most easily injured part of the body.

12.the goal of this study was to determine the effects of posterior root tears of the medial Meniscus and their repairs on tibiofemoral joint contact pressure and kinematics. the right knee with suspected injury to the Meniscus and therefore might be needing surgery.

14.but i knew the Meniscus; there was a chance it could be torn.

15.mri can delineate normal Meniscus and articular cartilage.

16.objective: to adopt tissue engineered cartilage and fibrin adhesive to treat Meniscus injury in avascular portion and compare the results. of normal and injured Meniscus of knee with mri in low magnetic field

18.conclusion radiofrequency ablation was a safe, simple and effective technology for the treatment of Meniscus injury of knee joints.

19.the study on united culture of acellular Meniscus framework and bone marrow stromal stem cells

20.objective to observe the effects of Meniscus forming joint repair technique on discoid Meniscus injury and operation methods.

21.or a cup of coffee, a good book, stars of the window, and i accompanied one of the Meniscus, to take me into the dream world . . . . . .

22.but it was the Meniscus.

23.inside the knee, between the femur bone and the tibia bone there is cushioning cartilage called Meniscus.

24.a millimeter-wave Meniscus lens antenna is designed in this paper.

25.the curvature of the film is concentric with the mirror behind the Meniscus.

26.the sweeny after my Meniscus operation is fierce, how should exercise ability to restore?

27.however, only a few prospective, randomized clinical studies have been done to compare different all-inside Meniscus repair techniques.

28.robben goes for a scan, and a complex tear is discovered in his Meniscus, his cartilage.

29.the Meniscus displacement in knee joint: clinical and imaging features

30.suture menisci with epidural transfixion pin to treating acute Meniscus tear under arthroscope on the biomechanical and histological effects of rupture acl on the lateral Meniscus

32.the implant supported Meniscus-like matrix production and integration as it was assimilated and resorbed.

33.the relationship between mri classification of discoid Meniscus and tear pattern

34.after sterile harvest, the Meniscus can be frozen for storage until thawed for use.

35.the other thing can occur more commonly in the knee towards skiers and boarders was Meniscus tear.

36.the inner Meniscus, which was partially damaged, has been operated on without any further complications.

37.conclusion discoid Meniscus forming joints repair technique has better clinical effects on the treatment of discoid Meniscus tear and can be regarded as one of the operational option.

38.medial Meniscus is approached through transverse incisions in both skin and capsule; lateral Meniscus through oblique incision in skin and hockey stick incision in capsule.