Mendacity Sentence Examples | Use Mendacity in a sentence

1.politicians are often accused of Mendacity.

2.or if i can put the case for them slightly anachronistically, these are two sons of the upper bourgeois who feel degraded by the Mendacity and hypocrisy of the world they see around them.

3.guanhua is more reliable than ordinary Mendacity as it indicates not only what the speaker wants the listener to believe, but where the speaker's interests lie.

4.but if Mendacity alone were grounds for resignation, the halls of capitol hill would be eerily, and permanently, quiet. management and other people around the enterprises need the exact and correlational information, but the accounting information in china is Mendacity. it interrupts greatly the socialist market economic order. certain, rare circumstances voters do not tell pollsters the truth, more out of embarrassment than Mendacity.

7.lost his dignity entirely in Mendacity.

8.that points to another area of confusion, or even downright Mendacity.

9.the industry became a byword for Mendacity, secrecy and profligacy with taxpayers' money. prediction rang true from the research by the chartered institute of educational assessors. it was that the incentive for Mendacity is growing, as unemployment balloons and competition for jobs rises. was that the incentive for Mendacity is growing, as unemployment balloons and competition for jobs rises.

12.the fixation of commentators and practitioners with them is telling, though not mainly about Mendacity.

13.from baby's duration, start suffering a Mendacity to harm.

14.the tall tale , which had been popular in america since colonial days , spread west to reach inspired heights of Mendacity .

15.the ending is bleak indeed: those who live by Mendacity will die by it. also accounts for his Mendacity and dishonesty.

17.we demand legal warfare on deliberate political Mendacity and its dissemination in the press.

18.that bit of Mendacity is further compounded by christie's claim that they also adhere to international law on cultural property.

19.rivalries make great stories, and the greatest rivalries make the greatest tales& reason enough to read the following portraits of brilliance, skullduggery, nobility, Mendacity, victory, and failure.