Mediocre Sentence Examples | Use Mediocre in a sentence me, i think the world lost a Mediocre doctor who's heart would not be in healing - so it was no great loss.

2.rockstar programmers understand what they are doing far, far better than average or Mediocre programmers.

3.yet even a Mediocre country can acquire dubious allies.

4.your bodies and names will perish, but the river will flow on for ever--the names of Mediocre writers will be forgottern, but those of the great masters will live.

5.this leads to Mediocre training, fitness, and performance.

6.she is just a very ordinary singer, her singing techniques and style are very Mediocre.

7.obama joked that hawking had been a "brilliant man but a Mediocre student" .

8.whether you think that this view is simply great secret or merely Mediocre, you need this book!

9.he was a Mediocre student; his academic records were not excellent, but not bad, either. kasbeam, a very old barber gave me a very Mediocre haircut.

11.ordinary but not Mediocre.

12.that is why many Mediocre employees survive violent corporate upheavals while people of great talent are being laid off.

13.his school record was Mediocre.

14.i have ground out some verses, which, i'm afraid, are too Mediocre to appear in your publication.

15.and while mr. obama's job-approval rating remains at a Mediocre 45%, it has stayed relatively steady for a year.

16.right there, that's the difference between a Mediocre company and a great company.

17.i would consider myself a Mediocre shooter, although it is difficult to measure without other shooters around. a time when somebody ought to be at their best and they're Mediocre, what are they going to do on a bad day out there?

19.what you said is all some Mediocre incompetent person, is not really a courageous person.

20.we have often heard such words as "very average"," thoroughly Mediocre", and" very corrupt ". can we produce top-class engineers when universities are constrained to offer salaries that can only attract Mediocre staff?

22.he was tired, however, and throwing off his clothes, tucked himself in his Mediocre bed, and was soon fast asleep.

23.sometimes i worry about being a success in a Mediocre world.

24.lots of things. she could say that this is a run-of-the-mill restaurant with Mediocre food that she wouldn't even feed to her cat!

25.the ability to overcome failure is one big difference between successful and Mediocre people.

26.two of them were compared the art wedding, but others are very Mediocre.

27.considerably more attractive, than the Mediocre person.

28.we accept Mediocre things in the society in all walks.

29.he spent much of his time reading Mediocre paperbacks.

30.your putin is Mediocre kgb officer-that's all he is and this is how he rules russia. bateson, not realizing that the unconscious is structure like a language, has but a rather Mediocre conception of it.

32.some students even though the university, but the work is contribution of Mediocre;

33.only lazybones and Mediocre persons could hanker after the days of messing together.

34.i'm not ok with a Mediocre job!

35.there have been good and Mediocre and bad artists. are glorifying a rather Mediocre building.

37.virginia was a perfectionist. she was just not prepared to settle for anything Mediocre

38.the latest signs suggest the summer slowdown was just a temporary lull in a pretty Mediocre recovery.

39.i find that individuals who adopt this creed tend to enjoy Mediocre business careers. this respect, Mediocre bitches must be avoided in the breeding programs.