Medication Sentence Examples | Use Medication in a sentence

1.practices like meditation, exercise, and cognitive therapy have shown comparable short-term efficacy to Medication.

2.but you prescribed Medication for them.

3.the main responsibility of the pharmacist is to provide safe and effective use of Medication for the patient. enjoy garlic as part of your diet but don't stop taking your blood pressure Medication.

5.many of the elderly are on Medication.

6.when it came to dealing with her children--Medication was no longer an option. . .

7.b. if client is unable to hold Medications, place Medication cup to the lips and gently introduce each drug into the mouth, one at a time.

8.check that any Medication you're taking carries no risk for your developing baby is probable that the Medication will suppress the symptom without treating the condition far, i have saved a lot of money and time from where i purchased the pain Medication.

11.the doctor switched tom's Medication since some symptoms of allergy happened to him. really is best to manage without any Medication if you possibly can

13.these parameters may be used in gene Medication research and gene therapy.

14.discuss the purpose of each Medication and its action with client. allow client to ask any questions about drugs.

15.he was still taking some Medication which slowed him down.

16.he was epileptic and refused to take Medication for his condition.

17.they should be nursed in a darkened room and their symptoms kept under control with equipment and Medication.

18.he's very sick. he needs Medication Medication works in isolation but is affected to a greater or lesser extent by many other factors

20.his doctor increased the dosage but did not change to a different Medication know, songs can only give you a temporary escape from the restraints, but will never be the cure you pain Medication.

22.this is a relatively new and important treatment Medication.

23.some of those options are Medication; many of them are lifestyle, but it's not always clear what would be helpful to us.

24.with Medication, life at home goes on as usual.

25.she stopped taking the prescribed Medications will ask pharmacist when you have doubt about the Medication. a precautionary measure repeat the Medication.

28.she had managed perfectly well without Medication for three years

29.the doctor's lawyer told investigators that murray did not give jackson any Medication that could have caused his death.

30.“ the shen nong ben cao jing ”, written more than 2,000 years ago, was the earliest book on materia medica in the world. recorded in the book are over 300 kinds of animals, plants, and minerals used for Medication.

31.we are simply going to readjust her Medication and see how things are.

32.this can be a mild case which clears itself or with the help of washes and Medication.

33.are you on any Medication?

34.we should save the money on our education and Medication to help the poor students and poor patients.

35.she set the alarm so she'd wake up in time to give her two sons their Medication.

36.if your doctor says it's ok, you may be able to stop taking blood pressure Medication temporarily to see if your sex life improves.

37.she had been feeling depressed before she disappeared and was on a new Medication that her relatives said had caused some side effects.

38.also, i prescribed her some anti-anxiety Medication. took wynn three weeks and a physician's assistance to get off the pain Medication, and he is still detectably affected by the experience.

40.oral Medication only to the amount of the week, inverted membrane is once a week, usually to be ten times, about three months.