Medicating Sentence Examples | Use Medicating in a sentence reassured some doctors that they were Medicating an organic disorder, and stirred interest in genetic testing for depression risk. was an important clinical significance, that may be useful for Medicating with antagonist and inhibitor against tnf α and et to prevention and depress death rate in the patients with bee sting poisoning. the time, new antipsychotic drugs made Medicating patients in the community seem a humane alternative to long-term hospitalization.

4.her goal is to explore professionally what she's observed first hand: art therapy can take the place of Medicating children.

5.the most important thing is to be honest with yourself. you need to know the difference between enjoying yourself and self-Medicating.

6.and the pills raise a critical question: could Medicating social anxiety disorder lead to misdiagnosing normal shyness?

7.methods: i. a retrospective study of contemporary literature: processing and analysis of the contemporary literature related to the pathogenic factors, differentiation, Medicating and the therapeutic result of the common ocular connectors diseases.

8.with no heritage to speak of behind me and a future overcast by the shadow of the bomb, i led for a time the life of my generation, Medicating myself against the claustrophobia of the moment. can i get them to stop self-Medicating with antibiotics for stuff like a bad cold?

10.but i was poisoning myself with alcohol and Medicating myself.

11.a retrospective study of clinical cases: analysis and comparison between the differences of the disease courses, syndrome pattern, feature of Medicating, efficacy and the relations between them based on 61 clinical cases. control system for circulating water-cooled

13.great physicians have, on numerous occasions, maintained that there is no science in Medicating people.

14.they ' re Medicating him , linda , so , you know.

15.he's been Medicating for years with alcohol.

16.for years, i read children's books as my comfort activity without quite grasping that i was self- Medicating through literature.

17.and there is debate about the morality of Medicating( Medicating ) children.

18.Medicating the symptom of any illness without exploring its root cause is just a classically hare-brained western way to think that anyone could ever get truly better.